A mum claims she was lunchbox shamed by her four-year-old son's teachers for giving him gherkins because they "don't count" as vegetables.

Mum Alicia stated on Twitter, under her username AliciaLiebel, that she had been sent a checklist from her child's pre-school teachers, with the vegetable section circled and a note informing her "pickles don't count" as part of his daily quota. 

She also claims the school didn't have a problem with fresh cucumber slices, before asking the world of social media to help settle the debate, reports The Sun.

Alongside the snap, she wrote: "Today’s All-American Lunch Box Saga has a major debate.

Alicia said the school did not approve of gherkins but were fine with cucumber

“That requires a poll of the masses.

“Is a pickle a vegetable? Does it ‘count’? 

"Guess what. His cut up cucumbers do.”

The guidelines from the school state: “Please note, a lunch must include ¼ c each of two different veggies or a ¼ c each fruit and veggie.”

Parents at the pre-school are given a criteria for their children's lunch which must be met

Parents are made to put milk, protein, fruit, vegetables and bread into their child's lunchbox and are sent warning notes if they don't meet the full quota.

And despite always preparing her son's lunch with "love" Alicia said it's not the first time she has been flagged up.

She claims the life of a parent has come down to ticking boxes on a sheet issued by the government.

The lack of vegetables was flagged up before to Alicia who has described modern parenting as 'hard' and a box ticking exercise

"This is what our lives as #parents has become," wrote Alicia. “Hard. Too damn hard.

“Making sure the prescriptive boxes are checked for some government oversight committee. 

“I work hard and put love in his daily sack #lunch.

“And yes. I am annoyed. #schoollunch He’s only in pre-K!!!!!”

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Other parents sympathised with Alicia, with one questioning how healthy the lunches of the teachers likely are, while another suggested she keep leaving out food from the list to further annoy them.

“You know whoever wrote that eats cold hot dogs dipped in cheese whiz for lunch,” one commented.

While a another wrote: “That’s overstepping for sure. I would start choosing one thing to leave out every day to cause more unnecessary work for them."