Being a parent is a funny business and one mum was left in stitches after checking under her son's bed.

Never mind monsters, there are all sorts of real-life horrors under there that you don't want to see.

From disgusting messes to mysterious belongings, you have to be prepared to find some gross things.

One mum was pleasantly surprised after taking a look under her son's mattress to find a list of rude words.

While it's not an example of excellent behaviour, most parents would admit it's a funny thing to find.

The seven-year-old lad had carefully written down all the words he's not allowed to say - leaving people in hysterics.

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the list of bad words
the list of bad words
The mum joked she would frame it

Mum Marisa shared a video of its contents on TikTok, where she joked: "At least he can spell???"

The boy had written: "These are the bad words...," starting with 'f**k" before including a few milder words such as 'hell' and 'damnit.'

On the other side, he'd included 'fart head' (very rude), 'wait' (acceptable) and 's**t' (an actual swearword.)

The video racked up more than 300,000 views and left people in stitches.

One person commented: "You have to save this for when he's older."

Another asked: "Does it say wait?" to which the mum confirmed, "Yes, lol. Like 'wait I forgot these other bad words....''

"I did the same thing as a kid, except I ripped up the carpet and hid it underneath," admitted another.

One said: "I wrote something like this in my diary when I was six and my family still makes jokes about it and I'm 21 lol."

Luckily, the mum found it hilarious - and admitted she might even frame the cheeky note.