A Merseyside mum has said she "didn't believe" what her young son had spotted when he came running into the house to tell her.

On Wednesday evening, at around 7pm, Zoe Mann's son Zack, aged 11, was out in their garden in Sutton, St Helens, when he spotted something unfamiliar in the sky.

Mum-of-three Zoe, 31, said she was arranging his homework on the kitchen table when he ran in to tell the family what was going on.

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Zoe, husband Mark and Zack's brothers Leo and Jake couldn't believe it at first, so they went out in the garden to look for themselves.

Zoe told the ECHO: "It was my son who spotted it. I was in the kitchen sorting his homework out on the table when he ran in.

"I just thought he was having a joke because he's quite a joker. My oldest son Zack came running in to say he saw someone paragliding in the sky.

"I didn't believe him at first, but when I went out to look it looked like it went over the St Helens Junction area, so I just grabbed my phone quick to try and get a decent picture of it.

"I was quite shocked to be honest because we've never noticed anything like that, unless it was something years ago from the Sherdley Show on Sherdley Park.

"It had headed further away, like it was heading to Clockface area.

"It was so weird, my husband Mark couldn't believe it. My neighbour at the back also named Mark was out as well - it was so strange."

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Zoe Mann and her eldest son Zack
Zoe Mann and her eldest son Zack

Zack, aged 11, told the ECHO: "I just got really excited and just really happy that I saw it. I actually thought it was someone sky diving or something like that.

"My mum didn't believe me at first until she came out and saw it herself. I've never actually seen anything like that before."

Zoe took to a local Facebook group to share pictures and see if anybody else had spotted the paraglider in the area.

She said: "A lot of people were just joking about it to be honest. My mate Jan and sister in law Julie even said it was them in the air."

The paraglider captured over Sutton, St Helens
The paraglider captured over Sutton, St Helens

Katy Pilkington, also from Sutton, captured the paraglider on camera and said the family hopes they had a safe landing.

She said: "My mum noticed the person and shouted us, so me and my son and daughter came out to watch. They were just gliding through the sky and it sounded like it had an engine that was packing in on him and he started spiralling a bit.

"I was surprised, it's not something you usually see flying over St Helens. I was curious as to what they were doing and a bit worried that he was going to land in my garden as it looked like he was heading towards us.

"The kids found it exciting but it was very random, especially with the planes flying over too. There where two planes too which looked like Lancaster bombers."

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Resident Michelle Speed said: "We were outside in the garden where I was working and we heard it at first.

"We enjoyed watching him or her fly over as it isn't something you see every day."

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