A mum has revealed how she became a millionaire overnight, shortly after unexpectedly losing her job and weeks before she would be forced to file bankruptcy.

Amanda, who goes by handle @someonefromthe80s on TikTok, was left feeling "completely broken inside" after losing her regular income five years ago.

But, she had no idea that Chinese takeaway her husband bought as a treat to cheer her up, would go on to completely change her life.

The mum-of-two, who was 30 at the time, took to TikTok to explain that when she was at rock bottom, she opened up a fortune cookie, which read, "You will be unusually successful in business."

Amanda was inspired to start her business thank to a fortune cookie (


@someonefromthe80s / TikTok)
Her company is now worth $12 million (£8.7 million) (


@someonefromthe80s / TikTok)

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"No business experience but nothing else to lose. It takes four months to save, but I scrounge up $160 (£116) from my unemployment cheques, but a cricut machine and open an etsy shop," Amanda explained.

But, the fortune cookie was exactly right, and quickly two of Amanda's custom made banners went viral and her company blew up, making her a millionaire pretty much overnight.

"My husband quits his job and we invest everything back into the company over the next five years," she continued, explaining that her company is now worth a whopping $12 million (£8.7 million).

"I needed to see this, going through something tough, but the sun will shine again," one TikTok user commented, to which Amanda responded: "I believe in you. Trust in the universe, look for the sign and hold your chin up."

Another added: "There is not a heart big enough for how much I love this story! Congratulations!"

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