Every parent goes through certain milestones with their baby; their first word, their first time walking unaided and undoubtedly, getting them potty trained is a big one.

But, while most studies explain that children should generally be potty trained between the ages of 18 months and three years old, one mum has left parents baffled, by admitting she's already begun training her baby at just six weeks old.

Jourdan Kehr took to TikTok to explain how she started using a process called 'elimination communication' to train her now-eight-week-old around two weeks ago, and it's a lot simpler than you might initially think.

Jourdan uses 'elimination communication' with her children (


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It's all about learning what their cues are (


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"It’s not so much him communicating to us but us reading what his cues are. For some babies that could be grunting, crying a certain way, it could be certain belly movements or facial expressions they make," Jourdan explained.

"Also just picking up when they go to the bathroom and offering him the toilet at those times. Right now he is eight weeks old so I’m just doing it between every diaper change and after taking naps and after eating."

The mum went on to explain that she "just offers him the toilet and I let him know that he can use it," before showing how she holds him above the potty and makes "psssss" sounds as a cue for him to have a wee.

Unsurprisingly, many parents were left baffled by Jourdan's unique approach, with many saying how impressed they were with her parenting technique.

"Yes!! I started at two weeks with my baby and he always signal when he has to poop by kicking his legs and grunting. If we miss the grunting, he will cry," one mum commented.

Meanwhile, another added: "As an early learning educator, I find this very interesting. Thank you!!"

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