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Mum, 20, in hysterics after charcoal facemask leaves her toddler ‘terrified’

A MUM was in hysterics after her charcoal facemask terrified her toddler leaving him sobbing on his father. 

Hannah Wilkerson, from Nashville, Georgia, uploaded the hilarious clip to Tik Tok, showing her eight-month-old’s son reaction to her pampering session. 

Hannah films her son, Gabriel, looking at her with a horrified expression, as he cries and buries his head in his dad’s shoulder.

He looks up briefly before turning his head away as he's scared by her appearance, as his dad tried to comfort him. 

Hannah, 20, repeatedly says ‘mommy’s sorry’, and ‘I’m so sorry’ as her son is inconsolable.

She finally flips the camera around to reveal what’s been upsetting the tot -  and it turns out Hannah is wearing a charcoal face mask.

With her hair also swept back in a towel, it seems Gabriel wasn’t impressed with his mum’s new look. 

Hannah uploaded the clip to her Tik Tok account, @..orianah, where she captioned the video: “He's terrified and I'm not winning any mom of the year awards.” 

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