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MP tries to bring Boris Johnson to law to ban political lies

Parliamentarians launch a new attempt to bring "the liar that sweeps the world"Boris Johnsonto trial to ban political lies.

Westminster leader Liz Saville-Roberts of Prad Camry announced a bill to Congress on Tuesday in a recent struggle to ask the Prime Minister for clarification.

The Tory leader claims that he has already faced an investigation by the Commons Privileges Commission and has deliberately misunderstood lawmakers over the faction.

He has been repeatedly accused of lying in his political career for 20 years, but attempts to expel him have so far failed.

Ms. Saville Roberts told Miller:

Plaid Cymru MP Liz Saville-Roberts wants to change the law to eliminate lying to politics

"I am submitting a bill to Congress this week to punish politicians who are deliberately lying to the masses."

She Emphasizes Partygate and misleads the Queen to provoke Congress in 2019, "BrexitisNHS" is not the truth from PM.

"All of these examples are unquestionable lies that can be disproved and challenged," she said.

"There are countless other examples. After all, he's so casually lying and spitting out lies with his own face, so he's rarely registered.

"Nevertheless, our political system allows Boris Johnson and others to mislead and misrepresent without any impact."

She said: I added. "The prime minister's lie catalog is so extensive that it's hard to catch up."

Saville Roberts used a device called the Ten Minute Rule to elect a representative (deception). Prohibition) Introducing the bill.

Under her planned law, lawmakers and Senedd, Stormont, Scottish Parliament, police and criminal commissioners, and elected mayors made "false or misleading statements." May be convicted as.

Local councilors are not eligible.

Labor Party Dawn Butler said Boris Johnson "lied to the house, the country over and over again." (



Includes not only congressional remarks, but also social media and television Increasingly radio broadcasts and election materials.

Convicted individuals may be fined and prohibited from running for elections for up to 10 years.

It was after theworker MP Dawn Butler was ordered by the Commons Office last year to withdraw her claim that Boris Johnson was a liar.

In a new poll on think tank compassion in politics, 53% of voters are concerned about politician dishonesty and 63% demand more integrity in politics. It has become clear.

Jennifer Nedel, co-director of compassion in politics, said:

"We teach our children not to lie. We expect family, friends and colleagues to tell the truth. Politics is no exception. Politicians set standards Must be set and not ignored.

"After months of duplication and deception, we need to take action.

" Congress is honest We need to take this seriously and make sure that we take the necessary steps to ensure that this fundamental value is endorsed and practiced by governments and representatives.

"Politics In the profession beyond, there are rules that require honesty. Now Congress has to do the same. ”

Read Lizsaville Roberts' mirror-only work

When I ran for Congress in 2015, I had no illusions. You will challenge the party, oppose our views, and be hostile to our success.

But did you ever think that one day you had to uphold the unquestionable principle: politicians must be honest?

Every day, more deception comes from the highest levels of government.

Lies are said to win the election,Spread hatredandavoid scrutiny

Public confidence in democracy has diminished; according tothink-tank compassionate investigationPolitics, the number one value voters believe does not exist in our politics is honesty.

That's why I'm submitting a bill to Congress this week that makes it illegal for politicians to deliberately lie to the masses. 

Boris Johnson met with G7 leaders at the Bavarian Alps summit (



With the introduction of this bill, Congress will eventually meet the standards of the 21st century. 

You cannot sell the product by deception. Also, doctors cannot lie to patients with impunity, and teachers cannot lie to students.

Like them, politicians engage in the art of persuasion.

But unlike them, we are not faced with sanctions for doing so fraudulently.

Systems and rules have already been in place to determine if a company or individual has embarked on a misunderstanding. This is a replicable system.

Honesty is not only the best policy, it is also essential to policy creation.

We are honored to attend Congress and engage in decisions that affect our country.

However, our ability as an MP is undermined by a dishonest illness. 

To quote Jonathan Swift, "The lie flies, and the truth then drags."

We must give the truth wings and power so that lies are overtaken and defeated before they do the ugly work.

A compassionate investigation in politicsfound that 73% of people supported my bill.

This includes 71% of conservative voters and 79% of Labor supporters.

In times of unity and consensus, we must seize this opportunity to change politics in a way that is approved by the majority.

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