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Mourinho superfan Viv Bodycote, 62, who has 38 Jose tattoos, gets new body art for Special One at Tottenham

THERE are fans, then there are super fans.

Jose Mourinho obsessive Viv Bodycote, 62, now has 38 tattoos of 'The Special One' inked on her body - all because he "melts" her.

The granny from Hinckley, Leicestershire is so smitten with the surly Portuguese Tottenham manager that she's splashed around £2,000 on Mourinho tats in just three years.

And the retired teaching assistant is adamant she will get more - should he lead Spurs to silverware.

SunSport joined Viv at Hink-Me Tattoo studio to see her unveil her latest homage to the Premier League manager.

She revealed: "I'm sure I've spent around a couple of thousand pounds on tattoos of Jose Mourinho over the years.

"But it's definitely worth it, because I love him. And I'm willing to spend more. In fact, I'm already thinking about what I can do next."


Viv got her first Mourinho tattoo in 2017 after he arrived at Old Trafford following his Chelsea dismissal.

His good looks, immaculate dress sense and anti-establishment attitude were what spurred her on to get a tattoo.

"He's the bees knees," she purred.

"Jose's good-looking, he's smart and I love what he's achieved as a manager. He absolutely melts me.

"I would put him on a pedestal above all the other managers, including Pep Guardiola.

"The only one that comes close is Mauricio Pochettino. But he's still not a patch on Jose.

"Watching him manage and coach a team is very sexy. And I bet he smells nice to!o."


After Mourinho was sacked by Manchester United, Viv stopped supporting the Red Devils.

She admitted she was left devastated when he went on a managerial hiatus before accepting the Spurs job.

But now that he's back in the Premier League, Viv has joined Tottenham's cause and will be following Harry Kane and Co, while cheering on her crush.

"Wherever Jose goes, I go," she told us.

"I followed him at Manchester United, and I think he was poorly treated there. It was painful to watch.

"I don't think it was Jose's fault, there's something wrong at that club because history is repeating itself with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. And looking at the bigger picture, they are actually worse.

"But when he got the Spurs job I was relieved for him. I went and got every single paper, was reading every report online, I just couldn't get enough.

"I was like a kid in a sweet shop, dancing around the house, kissing his pictures I have of him dotted around the house. I was just made up."


Viv's fandom now knows no end. As she says, she's got it bad for all things Spurs and Mourinho right now.

A week after Daniel Levy announced he was Pochettino's replacement, she went straight to the nail salon for a Spurs-themed manicure.

Viv also added blue streaks through her blonde hair - as she vows to go for it, even matching Tottenham's colours with her jewellery.

Her enthusiasm for all things Mourinho isn't something that upsets her husband, Tony.

"He loves it - he loves Jose Mourinho too," she revealed.

"We will watch games together, he always asks me about Mourinho and he's very supportive of the tattoos I've had done.

"There's no hint of jealousy there."

With her passion reignited for football and Mourinho, Viv is sure she will add to her tattoo collection in the future.

"I don't think there will be a time when enough is enough.

"Something Mourinho does will probably trigger me in wanting another tattoo of him. Say Spurs go on to win a trophy? I'll have to find a space to celebrate that, but I won't get anything done my neck or face."


Since arriving in North London, Mourinho has overseen three successive wins as Tottenham aim to get their season back on track.

And Viv is obviously delighted by his progress in such a short space of time.

"I am over-the-moon by the start he's had," she said.

"He's had the chance to wipe the slate clean, and this is hopefully the start of something big.

"The players are playing well. Dele Alli seems to be reborn, so let's just keep it up and keep winning.

"I can definitely see Spurs finishing in the top four this season. Next season, I believe he will get us challenging for the league title."


Viv hasn't had the pleasure of meeting Jose yet. But she knows exactly what she would do if she got the chance.

"I would love to meet Jose," she gushed.

"I would dress extremely smart, and I'd tell him how honoured I was to meet him, that I've followed him through good times and bad, and I have a lot of respect for what he's achieved.

"And wherever he goes, so do I. I'll always support him."

Even if he one day managed Tottenham's great rivals, Arsenal?

"Yes," she admitted after a long pause.

"If Jose Mourinho one day became manager of the Gunners, I would begrudgingly become an Arsenal supporter.

"After all, it's always about Mourinho for me."

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