A MOTORIST found a suspected thief sitting in his car amid a spate of vehicle break-ins in Stockton.

Cleveland Police are urging car owners to be particularly vigilant following several reports of vehicle break-ins across the town.

Norton, Grangefield and Mandale have been the worst affected and around ten other residential streets have seen attempted and successful vehicle break-ins.

Items including service logbooks, work ID and key fobs, cash, perfume and a handbag were among the goods stolen.

In one case a man was discovered by the householder sitting inside the vehicle, and police also received reports of someone trying multiple vehicle door handles in one street.

A police spokesman said: "We’d urge drivers to remember to lock doors and remove all valuables from their vehicles after a spate of vehicle break-ins in Stockton over the last few days.

"Please lock your vehicle every time you leave it and remove anything of value."