A mother and daughter caught as they shoplifted 41 things from a grocery store claim they lifted them by accident.

Crystal Jakobetz, 37, and her 18-year-old daughter Dakota were arrested on Friday as they allegedly tried to to steal groceries from a Walmart in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Police responded to a theft call from the store and watched Jakobetz and her daughter at a self-checkout kiosk, scanning some items, while placing numerous un-scanned items in their shopping cart.

Walmart security searched the women’s shopping cart and found 41 items that were not scanned or on the receipt. Customers at Walmart are often asked to show receipts to workers on their way out of the store to prove they paid for them.

Police questioned Crystal Jakobetz, who said that if she had taken anything without paying, it was not intentional.

Dakota told police that she did not take anything and did not want to go to jail



Wichita Falls Police Spokesman Sergent Harold McClure said the cost of the allegedly stolen items totaled nearly $200.

Both Crystal and her daughter were charged with theft of property over $100.

A judge set both of their bonds at $500 and they were later released from jail.