When you think of a full English breakfast, crispy hash browns, runny egg yolk and sizzling sausage springs to mind - but one amateur chef has divided opinion by adding a colourful vegetable to the mix – peas.

Jessica M’s post appeared on the popular Twitter page Rate My Plate, whereby fellow food enthusiasts are invited to judge other people’s meals. The picture of her impressive fry-up creation includes sausages, hash browns, gammon steaks, fried egg, and baked beans as well as the bizarre choice of a generous helping of peas.

The post has since sparked a heated social media debate, with a number of Twitter users jumping to Jessica’s defence. One pea lover argued “Good enough for me! Love peas and happy to have them for breakfast!”.

For many Twitter users, having peas for breakfast is a step too far - one user claimed the addition was a “No… no… never peas. Crime against breakfast”, while another said “OMG! Who has peas with breakfast??”. A third person shared their sentiment by professing that “It’s a criminal offence to consumer peas before noon.”

Not one to miss a pea-related debated, frozen food giant Birds Eye, who have been growing British peas in the UK since 1946, weighed in, retweeting the original picture and asking its followers for their thoughts on whether peas belong on the same plate as a Full English Breakfast.

Helen Fraser, Senior Brand Manager at Birds Eye, said: “We know Brits are crazy for peas, in fact the average person eats nearly 9,000 a year - but we can safely say we’ve not seen them added to an English breakfast before! It’s great to see Jessica adding some colour (and goodness) to her meal, and while it isn’t a combination we’ve thought of eating before, our Sunday fry up might feature a burst of green this weekend!”