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Mortified mum sends her kids to school dressed as crayons then realises she’s made a massive blunder

ANYONE would agree that your school days are when you're most impressionable and most likely to feel the pressure of being judged. 

Unfortunately for one brother and sister duo, their worst fear became a reality when their mum sent them to school in costume after getting the dates mixed up.

Leanne-Nicole Evans had the day marked in her calendar for some time, and because she knew the "dress up as a crayon" day at school was fast approaching, she got to work on making her kids' costumes.

And what wonderful costumes they were having spent the entire Sunday evening crafting them.

Donning different coloured cardboard cutouts tied to their neck - blue for Charlie, eight, and pink for Chloe, five - with cone hats to match, the kids were sent off to school on Monday morning with the proud mum Leanne-Nicole watching on as they left.

But in a hilarious turn of events, not long after the kids' grandmother had dropped them off at school, the chuffed mum-of-two received a phone call from her mother informing her that she'd mixed up the dates.

Speaking to Mirror Online, Leanne-Nicole said: "I got a phone call off my [mum] saying no one else was dressed up.

"I checked the school website and it was the complete wrong day and month."

It's safe to say that both the kids and their mum were left mortified, with Leanne-Nicole admitting the kids “went mad" and said they "looked like absolute wallys" when they arrived at school.

The mum said: " I had to bribe them to forgive me. I gave them sweets and a trip out wherever they wanted to go on the weekend."

Luckily, though, the school put in their best efforts to rectify the situation by wiping Charlie and Chloe's paint-covered faces, and offering them each a spare uniform to change into.

But so long as sweets are on the table, it seems the kids won't be forgetting their mum's mix up any time soon.

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