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Mortified mum realises she’s been flashing neighbours as frosted window doesn’t leave ANYTHING to the imagination

WE'VE always liked the idea of having a window right above the bath so we can just sit and watch the world go by.

That said, the fear of being spotted in the buff has put us off ever actually doing anything about it.

And just in case you wanted to try and convince us otherwise, take this woman's epic bathroom fail as a warning.

Earlier this month, TikTok user Jill Santom decided to put her frosted glass window to the ultimate test in a viral video.

The mum, from Tennessee, had started to worry that it wasn't doing its job disguising the family's silhouettes in the shower - and boy was she right.

Jill first became suspicious of the window when she was collecting her post one evening and noticed how bright the glare from the bathroom was.


She wrote: "I felt like people could see me even though it's frosted glass.

"So I asked my husband to pretend he's showering so I could see."

Even though Jill filmed her husband standing in the shower at night, the outline of his figure was clear as day to all their neighbours.

After the video racked up over eight MILLION views, Jill then posted a follow-up video of the window during the day.

Although the bathroom window is on the side of their home, Jill said it "might as well" be at the front because it overlooks most of the street.

For the purpose of the experiment, the mum asked her teenage daughter to stand by the window where you could clearly make out that she was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans.

Unable to hide her shock, Jill said: "That's REALLY clear. The window has spoken... night-time showers are better."

"You might as well be bathing on your front lawn," one horrified user replied.

Another added: "I definitely expected the daytime to be less see-through!"

"I would have to move," a third said. "I wouldn't be able to speak to the neighbours anymore."

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