FIREFIGHTERS are at the scene of a large moorland fire.

The fire broke out on Newchurch Road, close to Lee Quarry, in Bacup, at around 3.40pm yesterday. 

Crews from across East Lancashire were helped by colleagues from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service to tackle the fire. 

The fire was under control by around 6pm and firefighters ceased damping down at the incident shortly before 10pm last night.

They have monitored the moorland overnight and crews have returned this morning to identify any further hotspots. 

Lancashire Telegraph: Moorland fire near Lee Quarry. Picture by James HagansMoorland fire near Lee Quarry. Picture by James Hagans

Justin Johnston, Lancashire Fire and Rescue's deputy chief fire officer, said eight crews from across the county dealt with the blaze.

Mr Johnston said: "Many fire services are busy dealing with these types of fires at the moment due to the dry conditions.

"Please be extra careful and vigilant."

The fire service said in a statement last night: "Ten fire engines including colleagues from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, along with specialist wildfire units and the air support unit are in attendance at a moorland fire on Newchurch Road, close to Lee Quarry, in Bacup.

"Approximately one mile of area is affected.

"The wildfire burn team is carrying out tactical burning assisted by firefighters using blowers and beaters to bring the fire under control."

It is thought that the extra dry conditions following a hot Easter weekend have contributed to the incident.

The fire service has also issued advice about how to prevent wildfires during dry weather.

This includes not discarding cigarettes or matches whilst walking or driving through the countryside, not having BBQs, not starting campfires in the countryside and not discarding rubbish as litter such as reflective cans and glass can start fires

While if people live close to woodland or heathland, they should not burn off garden rubbish during hot weather and report any evidence of illegal firesetting activity. 

This fire follows an incident yesterday which saw two engines called to a blaze in Whitworth shortly before 6pm where there was a small peat fire.