Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher will be in the Sky Sports studio to issue their view on the launch of the European Super League.

The former United defender has been drafted in for the show following Sunday evening's confirmation that Manchester United and Manchester City will be among the founding members.

Neville had already made his feelings clear on the matter following United's victory against Burnley on Sunday, calling for the clubs involved to be issued with a points deduction.

There is, in fact, Premier League football this evening with Leeds United facing Liverpool - but that will merely be a background to the Super League discussions.

With the new competition reportedly launching imminently, a hunt for a top-four finish is now redundant and plenty of fighting words are likely to be said by the two Sky pundits.

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Who will be the remaining three founding members?

Reports in Germany claim that Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and PSG are expected to be sent invitations to make up the three remaining founding 15 clubs.

If the report is correct, the two German sides will be given 30 days to respond, with PSG given two weeks.

Yet all three clubs have so far voiced their opposition to the European Super League plans, so it remains unclear who could well take their place should they reject the invites.

Oliver Dowden speaks

Culture secretary Oliver Dowden has promised the government will do whatever it takes to prevent the European Super League from happening.

This is, of course, for football authorities to handle first and today, I have met with the Premier League, the Football Association and the president of UEFA, whilst the sports minister has had another series of meetings with the Football Supporters’ Association.

The football authorities have robust rules in place to deal with this and I know from my conversations with them today that they are rightly considering a wide range of sanctions and measures to stop this move in its tracks. My message to them was clear, they have our full backing, but be in no doubt, if they can’t act, we will.

We will put everything on the table to prevent this from happening, we are examining every option, from Government’s reform, to competition law and mechanisms to allow football to take place. Put simply: we will be reviewing everything the Government does to support these clubs to play. I discussed these options with the Prime Minister this morning and we are working at pace across Government and with football authorities. I want to reassure this house of a very robust response.

We will do whatever it takes to protect our national game, but it’s clearer than ever that we need a proper examination of the long-term future of football.

Carragher's view

Just like Neville, Carragher has also voiced his opposition to the plans.

Tagging Liverpool, he tweeted: "What an embarrassment we’ve become, think of all the people who have come before us at this club who would be equally embarrassed as well."

Calls for an independent regulator

Neville also repeated his calls for an independent regulator to run football in order to avoid situations like this happening.

"Honestly, I'm raging with it, because I've represented all five or six major stakeholders in this game: I've lived on the management committee of the PFA, and I've been a union player person for the past 25 years in football, I'm a club owner in the EFL, I played for England and under the FA for 10 years and five years as a coach, I've been in the Premier League, either working with Sky or playing in the league for 20 years and I've used the League Management Association for contracts when I was a coach for a short period of time, but I've lost faith in the ability of the organisations in this country to be able to make sure football is fair and balanced. It's gone beyond.

"I've been part of a group that has called for an independent regulator to protect football from itself. We have to protect football from itself because we've got imposters that are coming in to own clubs in this country. The FA has got no power, the EFL are the baby brother to the Premier League, and the Premier League is run by the clubs; the clubs are run by the owners, and that's the powerbase in this country. The powerbase has to be regulated so that there is a fair deal for fans, there is a fair deal for club's at all levels - that grassroots are looked after."

What's already been said?

We can probably guess what the tone of this programme will be, with Gary Neville already going viral for his furious reaction to the plans when speaking on Sky Sports yesterday.

"I'm fuming, that Manchester United football club, that have been pioneers, that should be leading from the front, that should be looking after everyone in this country. National League, North and South clubs are in disarray, National League cubs are going bust and furloughing players, there are League Two clubs on the edge. The whole system and pyramid at this moment is struggling."

Welcome to Monday Night Football Live

Hello there, we'll be bringing you all the thoughts from Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville on Sky Sports' Monday Night Football show tonight.

The show is usually focused on the weekend's action and tonight's game between Liverpool and Leeds United but it will be very different after the European Super League announcement yesterday.

Neville is a late addition to the show as he joins Carragher to give their reaction to the news that Premier League's 'big six ' want to join a European Super League, including Man United and Man City.

The show will begin at 7pm before tonight's match which kicks off at 8pm.