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Moment mum scoops £300,000 with National Lottery scratchcard after thinking she had won £1,000 on husband’s birthday

THIS is the moment a mother realised she had won £300,000 on a National Lottery scratch card after initially believing her winnings were just £1,000.

Sandra Davine, from Renfrewshire, Scotland, only discovered her huge winnings after a life-changing phone call to a lottery line operator in December last year.

In a clip, which has since been released by the National Lottery, Sandra declared that she thought she had won £1,000 – enquiring as to how it could be claimed.

But unbeknown to her, her day was about a get a lot better as the phone line operator confirmed that she had actually scooped a whopping £300,000.

A stunned Sandra can be heard saying: “You must be joking. There’s no way.”

According to details released by the National Lottery she had only decided to get a scratch card after she had been unable to book a table in a restaurant for her husband Martin’s birthday that very same day.

She had failed in scratch off all the relevant numbers on the card - later discovering that she was the beneficiary of the huge prize.

Nine months later, a jubilant Sandra has spoken about her win for the first time.

She said: “At first I thought we’d won £100 and my husband thought it was £1000. So when I found out we has £300,000 I was so shocked.

“To win on Martin’s birthday was the cherry on top of the cake, it was the best present ever!

“At first, he didn’t believe me, then he started cheering. We just couldn’t believe it – it was surreal.

Sandra confirmed that since the win the couple have bought a new car and have plans to go on a mega camping trip.

They are have plans to buy a house too and are “just waiting for the right one to come into the market.”

An overjoyed Sandra concluded: “I’m debt free and that in itself has really changed my life.

“I don’t think it will feel real until we’ve bought a new house, then it will all just sink in that yes, I won the lottery.

Her win came shortly before Diana Bate, from North Wales, who won a mouth-watering £3.8 million Lotto Jackpot during Christmas last year.

She said she was “went into a state of shock” and was “physically sick.”

Speaking later on she added: “Winning the National Lottery hasn’t charged us as people but we can certainly enjoy life more now and treat our family more than we could ever do before.”

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