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Moment JCB dumps cars and stone blocks outside £400k homes leaving homeowners furious in row over water leak

THIS is the moment a JCB driver dumped cars and hefty stone blocks outside swanky new homes in a furious row over an unpaid bill.

Footage showed the JCB backing towards the new build estate in upmarket Edgerton.

A busted Nissan Micra can be seen hanging from the digger's claw before being dropped in the car park.

The driver then painstakingly rumbles back through the estate to pick up the second car - this time a shattered Ford.

The scrapped cars were left mangled in the car park of the housing estate - days after huge stone blocks were dumped outside.

Robert Hall, who owns one of the £400,000 homes, claims the drama is over an ongoing dispute with the owner of the management firm for the building.

He says Mick Dunbar tried to bill him and other residents for £11,000 each - £66,000 in total - following a water leak in September.

But the resident says the work could have been carried out for just £25,000 by other firms.

As a result, Mr Hall believes the owner is now punishing them by trying to create havoc outside the flats.

He also explained the stone blocks were moved by fire crews after they blocked the entrance.

The resident said: "We have pushed the stone blocks aside so we can get through."

The Sun Online has contacted MD Construction for comment.

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