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Moderna coronavirus vaccine ‘begins testing on children aged between 12 & 17’ as Pfizer nears US emergency authorization

MODERNA'S coronavirus vaccine "begin testing on children aged between 12 to 17," as Pfizer nears US emergency authorization approval.

The drugmaker announced on Wednesday that the testing will include 3,000 children, with half receiving two shots four weeks apart and half getting placebo shots of salt water.

However, the posting says the study is "not yet recruiting" and Moderna said it was not certain when the testing sites would be listed or when it would start accepting volunteers.

The company announced on Monday that data from its study of 30,000 adults found that its vaccine is 94.1 percent effective.

Moderna also announced that it applied to the FDA for emergency authorization to begin vaccinating adults.

If the approval is granted, certain groups of high-risk adults, which include people in nursing homes and first responders, could receive shots in late December.

Pfizer, whose vaccine is also said to be 95 percent effective in adults, bagan testing it's coronavirus vaccine in children as young as 12 in October.

Pfizer has also requested emergency authorization from the FDA.

On Wednesday, the UK became the first country to give the Pfizer vaccine for adults the green light.

After the UK announced their approval of Pfizer's vaccine, the US said they also want to roll out the vaccine, just as America suffered the most deaths in a day since April.

Americans reportedly want to know what the hold up is after Britain's bid to roll out the jab was given the go ahead.

The FDA won't discuss issuing emergency use authorization for Pfizer or Moderna's vaccines until Dec. 10 - and it takes five days for the first doses to start being rolled out, documents cited by CNN.

FDA boss Stephen Hahn said the agency needs to look at the raw data and decided whether the vaccine is actually safe, rather than relying solely on the companies.

A Bloomberg reporter revealed that Hahn would be meeting with White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for their second meeting in two days as the government pushes for FDA approval.

Scientists and medical experts from President Donald Trump's Operation Warp Speed Covid task force assured people that the jabs would be safe.

Trump is now putting pressure on the FDA for an approval given the dire situation, while sources said the White House is angry it's been approved overseas first.

"It's crazy to imagine the European Union or UK may approve a vaccine developed in the United States before us though, right?" one source told Politico.

However, pregnant women and children in the UK will not be offered the coronavirus vaccine due to the lack of data on how it will affect them.

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