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Mira Furlan dead at 65: Babylon 5 and Lost star dies as tributes paid to ‘stunningly talented’ actress

Babylon 5 and Lost star Mira Furlan has died at the age of 65.

Tributes have been paid to the "stunningly talented" actress after her death was confirmed by her official Twitter account.

The tweet said: "I look at the stars. It's a clear night and the Milky Way seems so near. That's where I'll be going soon.... I am not afraid.

"In the meantime, let me close of eyes and sense the beauty around me. And take that breath under the dark sky full of stars."

The quote was posted alongside the Croatian's star's date of birth and the date of her death, which confirmed she died on Wednesday.

Joe Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5, retweeted the post as he paid his own tribute to the actress.

 "It is a night of great sadness, for our friend and comrade had gone down the road where we cannot reach her," he said.

Mira was a good and kind woman, a stunningly talented performer, and a friend to everyone in the cast and crew."

Joe StraczynskiCreator of Babylon 5

"But as with all things, we will catch up with her in time, and I believe she will have many stories to tell us, and many new roles to share with the universe."

The devastated screenwriter and director described Furlan as "fiery" and "fearless".

He added: "Mira was a good and kind woman, a stunningly talented performer, and a friend to everyone in the cast and crew of Babylon 5 and we are all devastated by the news."

Straczynski said he knew the star's health had been "failing for some time" after she sent a group email to the cast of Babylon 5.

"We've known for some time now that Mira's health was failing," he said.

"I'm not sure this is the right time or place to discuss the sheer randomness of what happened... and have all been dreading this day.

"We kept hoping that she would improve.

"In a group email sent to the cast a while back, I heard that she might be improving."

Straczynski said he received a call from Furlan’s Babylon 5 co-star Peter Jurasik, who said Furlan’s husband, filmmaker Goran Gajić, was "bringing her home".

"The cast members with whom she was especially close since the show's end will need room to process this moment, so please be gentle if they are unresponsive for a time," Straczynski said.

"We have been down this road too often, and it only gets harder."

Furlan joined the cast of Lost in 2004 as Danielle Rousseau - a French scientist left on the show's island following a shipwreck.

She played the character for three seasons before leaving.

She was also known for her role in Babylon 5 as Delenn, the Minbari ambassador to the space station.

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