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"My stuff is very modest," Boris jokes with Justin Trudeau beyond the size of the jet.

Boris Johnson and Trudeau joking about planes on the G7

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At the one-on-one meeting at the 48thG7 Summitin GermanyJohnsonjoked toTordea, colloquially named "Canada Force One" bigger than his own official jet on the tarmac. .. Both politicians flew from Rwanda, where they were attending the Commonwealth Prime Minister. Mr. Tordea claimed that his jet was actually small, but Mr. Johnson described his plane as "very modest." 

Mr. Tordea's CC-150 Polaris is actually the larger of the two official jets. 

146 feet long and impressive at 153 feet long compared to the second closest British Prime Minister, A321neo. 

The Canada Force One also boasts a wingspan of approximately 144 feet and a top speed of 639 mph. 

You can fly about 6,000 miles without refueling. This is an amazing feat. 

Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson

Justin Tolu and Boris Johnson Joke about the British Prime Minister's "very modest" jet(Image: GETTY)

G7 Summit

The G7 Summit in the Bavarian Alps of Germany is the first summit since Putin invaded Britain(Image: GETTY)

In contrast, Johnson's plane has a small wing width of 117 feet, a maximum speed of 544 mph, and a cruising range of just under 5,000 miles. 

However, despite the small size of the British plane, it can carry up to 50 more passengers than Mr. Tordea's Polaris. 

Johnson's plane boasts a capacity of 244 people against Tordea's 194. Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, but the two prime ministers still found time to lighten their mood. 

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Boris thumbs up

Boris laughed when Boris and Mr. Alps joked about the official jet(Image: GETTY)

Boris Johnson Olaf Scholz

Boris Johnson blames EU during the summit and speaks to Olav Schortz (Image: GETTY)

Johnson also blames the European Union for a rally in Schloss Ermau, a gorgeous hideaway in the Bavarian Alps. Did. 

He said that if it were still in the EU, Britain would not have been at the forefront of providing assistance to Ukraine. 

When asked if Britain was better than it was six years ago in the EU, Johnson said: 124} "Let me give you an example. Thanks to the position we took, there was an independent medical institution that could confirm that the first Covid vaccine was in the UK on everyone's arm in the world.

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The UK is trying to export Ukrainian grain to the world [Report] 

Volodymr Zenelsky

Volodymr Zenelsky is on the west side to protect Russia He made a new pledge to supply weapons(Image: GETTY)

He added: "Second, we were able to enter into many free trade agreements around the world, and we can change and regain some regulations. Border control. We can no longer control. I'm not spending a lot of money on projects that weren't there, and that was a good decision. "

Johnson continued:" I was in the European Union, and we had at the time. Within a kind of matrix of common diplomatic and security policies, Britain was out as the first European country to arm Ukrainians, to give them the means to protect themselves.

"I think it speaks to a country that thinks differently about things, that is, a country that thinks the world from a more global perspective and is ambitious. It doesn't mean I'm not European. We're still European, but I think we have a more global approach. "

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