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Military vet, 77, ‘punched in the face and put in headlock’ for wearing MAGA hat and ‘Back the Blue’ mask

A 77-YEAR-old military veteran claims he was attacked for wearing a red MAGA hat and a thin-blue-line mask.

The vet said he was walking in broad daylight in Red Bluff, California, near the post office last Friday when a couple approached him about his pro-President Trump wear.

The vet, who was wearing a red "Make America Great Again" (MAGA) hat and a "Back the Blue" pro-police mask, said a man and a woman approached him before beating him.

"She looked at me and she goes, 'We just don't like people like you," he said.
"And that just kind of got shocked me a little bit."

"And I said, 'Well, that breaks my heart,' and no more sooner out of my mouth, I get hit on the left side of my head," he continued.

"Then somehow he got me in a headlock and started pounding me on top of my head," the veteran said of the attack.

"I got blood all over the place and I'm trying to figure, you know, where's my hat, where's my package," he concluded.

The vet was rushed to St. Elizabeth Hospital where he was treated and released, but not before sharing photos of cuts and scrapes on the top of his head.

The vet said he still is experiencing headaches.

Red Bluff police arrested 26-year-old Daniel Gomez-Martinez for battery and elder abuse.

Police are still looking for the other suspect.

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