Miley Cyrus has spoken about the "tingle of fear" she felt when she returned to live performances for the first time post-lockdown.

The singer, 28, said a "peace" came over her when she stepped out on stage back in July - headlining Lollapalooza 2021 at Grant Park in Chicago.

Speaking with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich for Interview magazine, the Wrecking Ball singer confessed to returning to the stage for the first time in a year and a half without doing any warm-ups or club shows to prepare.

"I’m an extremist in that way," Miley explained to the rocker, after admitting to not preparing for her Lollapalooza performance with any smaller gigs.

The singer was chatting to Lars Ulrich for her cover feature of Interview magazine (


Miley was styled by Mel Ottenberg for her snaps in the current issue of Interview (



"It felt like jumping out of an airplane in front of 100,000 people. It brings back that tingle of fear, or maybe anxiety, which I haven’t felt in a while," she continued.

"But it reminded me, again, of how all of that’s erased when you perform. There’s so much less judgment in a live music setting than exists anywhere else at the moment."

The singer then went on to explain how her gig over the summer made her think of "all the amazing footage and photographs of Marilyn Monroe performing for the troops."

Miley Cyrus opened up about her 'extreme' approach to performing (



"I couldn’t stop thinking of that iconic image of her, bringing people hope in the form of sexuality and wit and beauty and joy," she told the Metallica drummer.

"But at the same time, she was able to offer that because she was so insulated from the experience that the soldiers were living through.

"She was this breath of fresh air because she didn’t have the same darkness and pain and death taking over her aura. But in this case, we’ve all been soldiers, in our own way."

The wealthy pop star was quick to add that she and Lars didn't endure the same pandemic experience as most of the population because their "sanctuaries and our homes are truly safe."

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Miley Cyrus returned to the stage over the summer as she got back to work (


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When quizzed by the 57-year-old musician about how it felt to return to the stage, Miley admitted that a "peace" came over her after the "chaos of the last year."

Lars then explained how he feels as a musician, "the safest, most peaceful place" you can be is onstage.

"The phone doesn’t ring, nobody can bother you. You’re alone up there," he tells Miley.

She seemingly agreed with her Danish interviewer, replying: "No politics, no news, no pain."

For the accompanying photo shoot for the interview, Miley bared all on her Nashville, Tennessee farm, as she went topless for the latest cover of Interview magazine.

Captured by photographer Brianna Capozzi, the 28-year-old pushed the boundaries once again, as she declared herself a "true rock star" during her latest public chat.

The star's iconic shaggy blonde mullet was styled in to loose curls by Cervando Maldonad, as makeup artist James Kaliardos turned to Gucci beauty products to give the musician an effortless glow.

Miley appears in the current issue of Interview Magazine, out now. For more see

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