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Midwife recalls shock when a woman dumped Tesco bag at hospital containing a lifeless baby but claimed she was a virgin

A MIDWIFE has opened up about the horror of being handed a Tesco 'bag for life' by a woman at her hospital's reception desk, only to discover it contained a lifeless baby.

Philippa George, who worked delivering babies for 15 years, was even more shocked when the twenty-something lady insisted she was still a virgin despite giving birth.

Speaking to The Times, the former NHS worker recalled one of the more "bizarre" experiences from her career, which she details in new book The Secret Midwife.

Philippa explained: "There was the time a woman in her twenties walked in accompanied by her grandma and dumped a Tesco ‘bag for life’ down on the reception desk.

"We were, like, ‘What’s this?’ She said, ‘It’s the baby.’ ”

The woman said she had been sitting on the toilet "and the baby just came out, but it wasn’t moving or crying”.

This caught her by surprise, she claimed, "because I’m a virgin”.

Philippa continued: "I’ll never forget that feeling of, ‘What’s going on, what do we do?’”

The bag contained the dead body of a boy who had been miscarried at approximately 24 weeks.

She added: "[The woman] had some sort of learning disability and was insistent she’d never had sex. We had to get the police involved. It was just bizarre”.

The ex-midwife wrote down her experiences as a way to heal after being signed off from work with stress and depression for three months.

Philippa said that although she "loved" her profession, staff shortages and an unsupportive management "made her job impossible".

In the same interview, she recalled the time when a couple's baby was born dead for no clear reason, and the parents screamed "murderer" at her while she was out shopping.

She claimed that when she confided in her bosses about what had happened, they simply told her, "well, it's over now".

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