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#MeToo actress Rose McGowan reveals sex tape fears after a ‘person from my past’ threatened to leak it

ROSE McGowan says she’s being “bullied and blackmailed” by someone threatening to leak a sex video of her.

The star tweeted about her “icky situation” after a “person from my past” contacted her via a third party about the raunchy footage.

In a series of eight tweets, the Charmed star announced that it was “time for some adult talk.

“I find it deeply distasteful to discuss my personal life, but… I’m in an icky situation.

“A person from my past is now allegedly threatening to release a sex video of me and say I enjoy recreational drugs.

“I have lived in Hollywood by myself since I was 15.

“If you think I have not done drugs, well that’s nuts. I’m the daughter of hippies who were experimenting with a new way to live.


“I wrote in my autobiography Brave that I did LSD at the eighth grade dance. I own that I may be strange and live as others do not, but that’s cool.

“I’m being bullied and I think blackmailed. I have so many devils after me, it’s honestly hard to keep track of the s*** bags riding my tails.”

A defiant Rose added that, “I refuse to live in fear of a stranger and their judgements. No one should live in fear.

“I may be on my own in America, but I can’t be threatened.

“So, here’s a heads up: if yet another stolen sex tape goes online, or if you hear that I enjoy recreational adult pursuits, know that it was never my intention to discuss my private life in this way.

“I’m done being bullied by f***wits who should bow down and kiss my feet.”

Rose, 46, has been vocal in the sexual harassment scandal surrounding movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, and has long voiced her support for the #MeToo movement.

She's best-known for her role as Paige Matthews in the WB supernatural drama Charmed, between 2001 and 2006.

Last week, The Weinstein Company's creditors agreed a US$25million (£19 million) settlement for more than two dozen actresses and former employees who claim Weinstein sexually harassed them.

He also saw his bail increased from $1million (£750,000) to $5m (£3.8 million) over allegations that he violated bail conditions by mishandling his electronic ankle monitor.

On January 6, Weinstein will face trial for rape and sexual assault in Manhattan Supreme Court, where he has pleaded not guilty.

He has denied all allegations of non-consensual sex.

Rose McGowan wears a see through white dress as she announces the Q Icon award for French singer Christine and the Queens