A possible link between erectile dysfunction (ED) and vaping has been found according to a new study which concluded that people who vape should be warned about the link.

What's more, the study said another plausible reason behind the link may be that exposure to vaping refill liquids reduces testosterone levels.

Vaping, which uses an electronic cigarette to inhale tobacco vapour rather than burning it, has become a very popular way to smoke in the UK and around the world.

Man smoking with a blue vape.
The study referenced "abundant evidence" that nicotine impairs normal erectile function

Smoking has long been associated with ED and cardiovascular disease.

The study referenced "abundant evidence" that nicotine prevents the dilation and blood flow needed for normal erectile function.

Researchers from New York University's Grossman School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine decided to study the link as little research had been done about vaping and ED.

Their findings show that vaping seems to be associated to ED regardless of age, cardiovascular disease and other common ED risk factors.

Vaping is referred to as electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) in the study.

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The study concluded: "The use of ENDS seems to be associated with erectile dysfunction independent of age, cardiovascular disease, and other risk factors.

"While ENDS remain under evaluation for harm reduction and smoking-cessation potential, ENDS users should be informed about the possible association between ENDS use and erectile dysfunction."

Researchers examined data from 13,711 men who responded to a question about ED in a survey about tobacco use.

(FILES) In this file photo taken on October 2, 2018 An illustration shows a man exhaling smoke from an electronic cigarette in Washington, DC. - The US Surgeon General on December 18, 2018, called for "aggressive" action against e-cigarette use, which he said has exploded to epidemic proportions among youth and puts their health and brain development at risk. (Photo by EVA HAMBACH / AFP)EVA HAMBACH/AFP/Getty Images
Findings showed daily vaping may be associated with higher odds of erectile dysfunction

Lead author Dr Omar Omar El Shahawy said: "Given that many people use e-cigarettes as a form of smoking harm reduction or to help them quit smoking, we need to fully investigate the relationship between vaping products and erectile dysfunction, and thus better understand the potential implications for men's sexual health.

"Our findings underscore the need to study patterns of e-cigarette use that are relatively safer than smoking.

"Our analyses accounted for the cigarette smoking history of participants, including those who were never cigarette smokers to begin with, so it is possible that daily e-cigarette vaping may be associated with higher odds of erectile dysfunction regardless of one’s smoking history."

The study can be read online here.