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Police accused of "aggressive violence" increased the number of "stampede" deaths on the Melilla border to 37

Thousands of immigrantsMoroccoandSpain'soutpostMelilla.

More than 2,000 people attacked the area on Friday, and after the iron fence was cut with scissors, about 500 people were able to enter the immigration area.

Moroccan officials said the individual died as a result of "stampede."

Human rights groups, including Amnesty International and Walking Borders, are calling for an immediate investigation of the tragedy in police allegations of "violence."

Many immigrants invaded Spanish soil after attacking the fence


Founded And spokesman Walking Borders Helena Maleno Garzon confirmed the death toll of 37 people and warned that "the numbers are not final and may continue to increase."

Amnesty International Spain Director Esteban Bertrand said:

"Human rights of migrants and refugees must be respected and the situation seen will never happen again."

People on Friday Climb the fence that separates Morocco from the outlying land of Melilla, Spain

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Moroccan security forces are standing As a result, the Moroccan Human Rights Association has released a disturbing video on social media that appeared to have dozens of immigrants on the ground. On top of them.

In another video, Moroccan guards appeared to be using batons to attack a person lying on the ground.

Police are facing criticism on suspicion of using force

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"They were left there for hours without help, which increased the number of deaths," the human rights group said on Twitter. It also required a "comprehensive" survey.

A man trying to cross the border told the Spanish newspaper El Pais: "Moroccan agents were very violent, more aggressive than in other times, and people panicked. That was what caused the stampede."

In a statement, Morocco The Interior Ministry said 76 civilians were injured along with 140 Moroccan guards.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez accused him of describing Spain as a "violent assault" and an "attack on territorial integrity."

Dozens of migrants were killed and others were injured in this incident

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Spanish officials said 49 civilian guards were slightly injured in the incident.

Sanchez said:

Friday's crossroads have been since the improvement of relations between Spain and Morocco in March after a year-long conflict centered on the former Spanish colony of Western Sahara, which was annexed by Morocco in 1976. It was the first attempt of.