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Meghan sparks royal frenzy as she STILL uses Sussex title: 'Highly inappropriate!'

Meghan and Harry 'burnt bridges' with UK fans says commentator

The letter, which was sent from the Office of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and specifically from Meghan, was addressed to US politicians Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, and Charles Schumer, the Majority Leader of the US Senate on Wednesday. In the letter, Meghan petitioned for paid parental leave as a minimum standard, sharing her personal experiences of managing her working life with her responsibilities raising children.

In the statement, the Duchess admitted she and husband Prince Harry, had felt “overwhelmed” by the birth of their second child, Lilibet, in June this year.

However, some social media users criticised Meghan’s continued use of her Duchess of Sussex title to advocate on social issues following her and Prince Harry’s distancing from the Royal Family last year.

One Twitter user, posting under the screen-name Emteess, responded to the publication of Meghan’s letter, asking: “Why is she using her title in America to make a political point?

"'The Duchess of Sussex' campaigning politically - both sounds ridiculous in America 2021 and highly inappropriate for a British royal.”

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Meghan Harry

Meghan signed a letter using her Duchess of Sussex title (Image: Getty)

Meghan Harry World Trade

The Duke and Duchess recently embarked on a three-day tour of New York City (Image: Getty)

They added: “(I'd have no problem with her letter if she wasn't trading on that title!)”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have continued to use their official titles after they stepped back from senior royal duties in 2020.

However, they are not permitted to use HRH titles, which they have not utilised since the split from the Royal Family.

They have, however, continued to use their public profile in the Royal Family to pursue causes which they deem worthy of publicity and support.

Meghan Harry

The Sussexes use their public profile to platform causes they deem worthy of public backing (Image: Getty)

Meghan’s letter, in partnership with campaign group Paid Leave For All, is the latest cause behind which the Sussexes have thrown their weight.

Earlier this month, the royal couple announced they had become “impact partners” with Ethic, a New York-based sustainable investment firm.

Ethic is a Wall Street investment manager which looks towards social issues, such as climate change, gender equality and racial justice.

In a statement, the Duke and Duchess said: “We believe it’s time for more people to have a seat at the table when decisions are made that impact everyone.

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Global Citizen Live

Meghan and Harry made an appearance at Global Citizen Live, where they called for vaccine equity (Image: Getty)

“We want to rethink the nature of investing to help solve the global issues we all face.

“Our partnership with Ethic is one of the ways we put our values in action.”

Ethic, in a separate statement, said Meghan and Harry are “deeply committed to helping address the defining issues of our time - such as climate, gender equity, health, racial justice, human rights, and strengthening democracy - and understand that these issues are inherently interconnected.”

Prior to partnering with Ethic, the Duke and Duchess embarked on a three-day tour of New York City, where they met US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

They are thought to have discussed racial justice, the coronavirus pandemic, and mental health.

Harry and Meghan also visited the offices of the World Health Organisation, meeting Chelsea Clinton and assorted health experts.

They were joined virtually by the Director-General of the World Health Organisation, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Dr. Ghebreyesus commended the Sussexes’s campaigning and awareness-raising efforts.

He said: “We’re grateful to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for working with us to bring together this critical conversation.”

Rounding off their trip to the Big Apple, Meghan and Harry made an appearance at Global Citizen Live, where they used their time on stage addressing the crowd to call for equal access to vaccines.