A tense new trailer for Meghan Markle's interview with Orpah Winfrey sees the Duchess of Sussex asked why she believes the Queen didn't give Archie a HRH title.

When Meghan and Harry's first child was born in 2019 he was not made a Prince, instead taking the royal family's surname Mountbatten-Windsor.

The decision was in keeping with the couple's vision for him to have a 'normal' life and was widely reported to be what they wanted.

Even though he was seventh in line to the throne, he will move down the list significantly when his cousins Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have children - and the chances of Archie ever becoming king are very, very small.

In the interview clip, Oprah asks: "How did they explain to you that your son, the great grandson of the Queen, wasn't going to be a prince.

The royal rift could see Archie kept away from other members of the royal family
Little Archie doesn't have a HRH title

"You certainly must have had some conversations with Harry about it and have your own suspicions as to why they didn't want to make Archie a prince. Why do you think that is?"

Meghan replies "I can give you an honest answer."

However the video cuts before we can hear the rest of her answer, and we'll have to wait for the full programme to hear her views.

In 2012, the Queen made a ruling that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's children would have HRH titles, as William is the eldest son of the heir to the throne and will one day be king.

However Archie did not qualify as Harry is Charles's younger son.

Princess Anne's children do not have titles and have said on several occasions that they are grateful of this as it has given them more freedom.

The clip is the latest in a number of dramatic teasers for the show, which airs in the US over night and on ITV on Monday evening.

Prince William, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, with their children Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte
The Cambridge children have titles are they are more senior

In one of the trailers, Oprah asks Meghan "Were you silent, or were you silenced?" as the Duchess gives a meaningful look with her eyes.

In another, Oprah explains that she asked Meghan for the interview back in 2018 but the former actress was advised turn down as she was still a working royal.

Asked if she finally felt ready to tell her side of the story, Meghan said she and Harry are now free to do what they like and claimed her previous existence was so controlled that she couldn't even talk to Oprah in the first instance without someone from the palace there.

Meghan responded: "I remember that conversation very well. I wasn't even allowed to have that conversation with you personally right? People from the comms had to be sitting there..."

She continued: "We're on the other side of a lot of life experience that's happened and also that we have the ability to make our own choices in a way that I couldn't have said yes to you then, that wasn't my choice to make," she said.

"So as an adult who lived a really independent life to then go into this construct that is different than I think what people imagine it to be, it's really liberating to be able to have the right and the privilege in some ways to be able to say yes.

Meghan and Harry's Oprah interview

"I mean, I'm ready to talk... to be able to make a choice on your own and just be able to speak for yourself."

We've also seen a clip from Prince Harry in which he admits his greatest fear with their situation was history repeating itself, believed to be a reference to his mum, Princess Diana.