Meghan Markle says there were "concerns" over colour of her son Archie's skin but refused to name the Royal who she held the conversation with.

The Duchess of Sussex said when she was pregnant with her first child and was told of the worry about how "dark" the baby's skin might be.

She explained to Oprah Winfrey in her explosive interview with the American chat-show legend.

Meghan, who admitted she went into marrying Prince Harry “naively”, blew the lid off her royal life and says the scrutiny was "almost unsurvivable".

She said when she was pregnant with Archie there were “concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he’s born”.

Meghan revealed there were 'concerns' over the colour of Archie's skin

She said: "In those months when I was pregnant, we had in tandem the conversations of him not being given security or a title, and also concerns about how dark his skin might be when he’s born.

"They didn't want him to be a prince or princess, not knowing what the gender would be, which would be different from
protocol, and that he wasn't going to receive security,"

The chat-show host then asked her: "Who is having that conversation with you?"

However, she declined to give details about who within the family left her with those concerns.

Asked who the conversation was with: "I think that would be very damaging to them."

Several of Meghan's friends have spoken out to defend the duchess following bullying allegations.

They have described her as "enthusiastic, kind, cooperative, giving, joyful".

Patrick Adams, who starred alongside her in Suits, said: "She has always been a powerful woman with a deep sense of morality and a fierce work ethic and has never been afraid to speak up, be heard and defend herself and those she holds dear."

He later adds: "It’s OBSCENE that the Royal Family, who’s newest member is currently GROWING INSIDE OF HER, is promoting and amplifying accusations of “bullying” against a woman who herself was basically forced to flea the UK in order protect her family and her own mental health."

Another pal, Lindsay Jill Roth, said "goodwill runs in her bones".

She said: "If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Meg - and I hope more of you do - you will see the altruistic, magnanimous friend who I am so lucky to have in my corner."

But she said before: "The Queen has always been wonderful to me. I loved being in her company."

She spoke later about how she "didn't want to be alive any more".

Meghan says "you have no idea what is going on behind closed doors."

The chat show queen was shocked by her words

Mirror readers have had their say on whether The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were right to do the interview.

Most readers who filled the survey did not agree with the decision to do the tell-all chat.

And from 21,810 responses to whether she should share details of her time in the royal family, 80 per cent surveyed thought she should keep details private.

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