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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry interview ‘could make Oprah millions’ as bombshell footage flogged around the world

TV BOSSES are set to make “many millions” from reselling Oprah Winfrey’s explosive Meghan and Harry interview – after resisting growing calls to pull it over Prince Philip’s ill health.

The talk show megastar and network CBS are not thought to be willing to change the timing of Sunday night’s show, despite the royal’s grave condition.

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An insider added: “Things could change – the interview could be pulled five minutes before it airs.

“There are always contingency plans in place. But a lot of money is at stake.”

CBS is free to flog footage around the world after it appears on Sunday – with ITV set to pay an estimated £1million to show the sit-down in the UK on Monday.

ABC News, which got the US rights for Princess Diana’s Panorama chat from the BBC, reportedly paid £720,000 for the interview with Harry’s mum in 1995.

It is expected that Oprah, 67, will take a cut from resale deals.

Hollywood PR guru Howard Bragman, who has known the chat show queen for 40 years, told The Sun: “Somebody is set to make a lot of money from this – the total value is many millions.

“It is very valuable footage and people around the world will want to see it – both the interviewer and interviewees are international figures. It’s truly international.

“There are ‘fair use’ laws in the US, where the networks can show a certain amount of footage, so I’m not sure how much they will spend.

“But this will have appeal around the world.”

Asked what figure Oprah could be looking at, Mr Bragman added: “I do not know – but she wasn’t raised a fool.

“I would imagine she is getting a portion of it.”

Network bosses will also be raking it in through lucrative six-figure ad buys during Oprah’s two-hour special starring the duke and duchess – which could also run to millions.

For cyclist Lance Armstrong’s 2013 confessional with Oprah – which was broadcast on her own TV network – advertisers were paying around £70,000 for slots.

Oprah will tease astonishing details out Meghan and Harry in their bombshell TV chat, Mr Bragman predicted.

He said: “Oprah’s instincts have always been right on. She will get stuff out of this interview that no one has heard before – a thousand per cent yes.”

Mr Bragman predicted that the royal couple will face frank questioning.
He added: “Oprah is not mean in any sense.

“She’s not there to make people cry. But equally she’s not a softball interviewer. That’s not what she does.

“She asks tough questions, but in a gentle way. Questions that need to be asked.

“And I think we may be surprised too. Oprah never does exactly what you think she’s going to do.

“Oprah uses her power sparingly and wisely. She’s smart enough to know that authenticity is the key.

“And that’s where her wisdom comes in.

“She has come from places that Harry might not relate to, but Meghan can as a woman of colour.

“In the US we call her the queen of all media.

“When she interviews someone, it becomes an event. And when she gets behind something, she moves people.”

Meghan, 39, and Harry, 36, will be quizzed by the TV legend in the two-hour primetime special to air on Sunday night.

It is their first proper sit-down interview since quitting the UK for their £11million mansion in California.

Meghan Markle's view of race in the UK will be the big talking point after Oprah interview says ITV Royal Editor Chris Ship

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