Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 's new photoshoot for Time magazine has been spoken about worldwide in the last 24 hours and it represents a shift in their power signals - with Meghan becoming the more dominant one while Prince Harry is a "wingman".

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were over the moon when they learned that they had made it on to Time magazine's 100 most influential people list.

The couple were also selected to be on the cover and the striking snaps have got many talking. The pictures show the two in high-power suits as they pose in their stunning £11m mansion in Montecito, California.

According to body language expert Judi James, the pictures show a "very different face of Harry and Meghan", as well as a shift in the power balance between the two, with it "weighting in Meghan's favour" while Harry "follows".

Speaking to the Mirror, Ms James said: "She [Meghan] was the lead in the Oprah interview and Harry arrived later, with Meghan placing her hand on his to offer reassurance as he told his tale of woe.

"His power and status signals did increase as he spoke to Oprah but the interview was primarily between the two strong and confident women."

The body language expert said there is a difference in how Harry and Meghan appeared while still in the UK compared to their latest appearances from the US, where they moved last year after quitting their lives as senior royals.

"We saw Meghan adopting a rather regal pose for her 40th video while Harry clowned about juggling in the garden and in their earlier interviews as a couple, Harry would often be squeezed into the side of their sofa, performing a range of anxiety rituals like knuckle-cracking and squirming while a very eloquent and confident Meghan showed her skills as an inspirational speaker.

"This was at odds with their poses in the UK, where Harry was the host and Meghan was learning the ropes as a royal. In the US the change in balance was almost immediate as Harry was inducted in the world of Hollywood A-list."

The expert went on to say Harry has "shown off his own set of skills as a speaker and guru-style expert on global subjects" in recent solo appearances for podcasts and TV docuseries.

Meghan and Harry's new image for TIME magazine
Meghan and Harry's new image for TIME magazine

But in recent pictures he appears to be "bowing visually to his wife’s superior status".

In one of the pictures from the Time magazine photoshoot, the couple are against a backdrop of trees, with Meghan dressed in all white and Harry contrasting in all black.

Another picture shows them posing next to a window frame, with Harry wearing a suit and Meghan in a green roll neck jumper and grey trousers, while a third shows them walking in the grounds of their home.

While such a "glossed-up" style may be well-suited to the former actress, Harry doesn't look at ease, the expert said.

Meghan and Harry say they were humbled to be included on the list
Meghan and Harry say they were humbled to be included on the list

"She looks like her character in Suits got a promotion while Harry looks like a fish pulled out of the water."

Ms James went on: "Meghan is featured to the middle and the front of these poses and in the corporate world they would define her as the CEO, with Harry’s poses suggesting him in the role of wingman.

"Meghan’s legs are splayed in a gesture of confidence and her eyes greet the camera with a direct gaze.

"In the white outfit her hand clasp is more tentative but in the other pose she performs a partial cut-off gesture, with one arm held across her waist while the other hand is up near her face.

The images of Harry and Meghan were taken at their home in California
The images of Harry and Meghan were taken at their home in California

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"This is a popular pose for CEOs and experts as it suggests intelligent challenge and an enquiring mind.

"Harry though is seen standing behind his wife in the first shot, leaning in to place his hand on her shoulder looking more like a follower and supporter that a leader.

"In the second shot he has his hands in his pockets to again suggest a less active role.

"Here his chin is raised slightly and his expression more serious to suggest a corporate look but standing turned in toward his wife he looks like the one watching the action rather than the one doing the communicating."

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