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Megan Barton-Hanson reveals she’s never faked an orgasm ever because it’s ‘selfish’

MEGAN Barton-Hanson revealed she's never faked an orgasm ever because it's "selfish".

The Love Island star, 26, said she never lies about having an orgasm and would rather give her partners "constructive criticism" instead.

Megan - who is bisexual - also said she would be devastated if anyone she slept with faked one for her.

Speaking on The Truth Flirts show by dating app Badoo on YouTube, Megan told host Ella Eyre: "I’ve never ever faked an orgasm.

"I just think because I’m selfish and I think you’re just gonna lead someone down the garden path, and they’re gonna think you’re into it when you’re really not, and I just think I’m digging myself a hole here.

"Also, if someone lied to me, and pretended, not that boys can, but if a girl lied and pretended, and I found out that she didn’t, I’d be devastated, so I’d rather just be honest.

"Although sometimes it’s a little bit brutal, but I think it’s the way you say it, if you say ‘a little bit like this, or a little bit..’, you don’t have to be like ‘oh my god that was terrible, what the hell was that’, as long as you’re nice about it – constructive criticism!"

The star dated Wes Nelson in the 2018 series of Love Island.

Later, she briefly dated Demi Sims after coming out as bisexual, before getting into a relationship with Fulham Ladies player Chelcee Grimes.

Her discussion of orgasms comes as she exclusively told The Sun that she's never dating a man ever again.

The revelation was reported just days after it was revealed she was growing close to her former girlfriend Chelcee.

Megan told us: “After being in a relationship with a woman, I would say that’s the most in love with someone I’ve been. I can picture my life with a woman.

“After the relationship with the girl (Chelcee), I was like, ‘I’m definitely never dating men again’. I thought, ‘I only want a woman’. It feels like a different dynamic and I felt more myself and more content than I ever had felt with a guy. I can see myself marrying a woman.”

Speaking about the footballer and singer-songwriter, she said: “We’ve been hanging out for a while now, just enjoying each other’s company without the pressure of labelling it.

“But I’ve been super busy and wouldn’t be able to commit to a relationship right now.”

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