A real-life man called Harry Potter was eight years old when JK Rowling released the first book of her best-selling series.

His father bought a copy straight away, shocked at the coincidence that his son had the exact same name as the world's most famous wizard.

Speaking to Hampshire Live, Harry's sister Katie said: "Dad explained that he'd heard Terry Wogan mention Harry Potter on Radio 2 and, once he had gathered Terry was referring to an award-winning children's book - not his eight-year-old son - he turned his van around, drove straight to Bay Tree Bookshop in Waterlooville and bought us a copy!"

Since then, he has spent his lifetime trying to convince those around him that his name really is, Harry Potter.

Harry, a national sales manager said: "People just don't believe me!"

"When I was a young footballer, a referee threatened me with a red card for saying my name was Harry Potter."

Now a dad-of-three, Harry claimed that his wife, Phillippa, also didn't believe him upon hearing his name when they met on holiday in Greece: "People think it's a wind-up. I've had the mick taken out of me over the years but you get used to it."

The Potter family's book collection has increased with every new release in the series.

However, the hardback version of JK Rowling's first novel that Harry's dad purchased for his kids back in 1997, is now understood to be extremely rare.

Harry and Katie plan to finally part with their limited edition Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone novel
Harry and Katie plan to finally part with their limited edition Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone novel

This rare edition has a number of unmistakable features that make it distinguishable from the rest, including a duplication of '1 wand' on page 53 and an issue number that must read '10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1'.

Only 500 copies of this version were released, with 300 of these having been donated to libraries and schools.

Unfortunately, Harry and Katie's father has since passed away, which has prompted the pair to sell their limited edition copy in order to raise money to take his ashes to Africa.

Harry explained: "We think now's the time to use the money to benefit our families and do something dad wanted."

One of these first edition texts was sold in auction at Hansons in October 2020 for a grand total of £75,000.

The Potter's copy will be sold at the same auction house on October 7 with a guide price of £20,000-£30,000.