If you love nothing more than dunking a biscuit into a steaming brew, there's good news from the king of biscuits McVities, who have just launched three new versions of its iconic digestive biscuit.

The new flavours include cherry bakewell, strawberries and cream and marmalade on toast, and are currently on sale at Morrisons.

A 250g packet of the crumbly creations retails at £1.50, so they cost slightly more than the plain digestives - which are sold at Morrisons for £1.

Shoppers can find all three of the new flavours at Morrisons supermarkets, but only the strawberries and cream flavour is available to buy online from morrisons.com.

They were originally spotted by a shopper named Iain Torley, who shared a picture of them to the NewFoodsUK group on Instagram.

The post has already received 5,218 likes, with many users saying which flavour they'd like to try most.

One person said: "SHUT THE *actual* front door!!! I need cherry bakewell ones!!!"

Another commented: "strawberries and cream. My word."

While someone else wrote: "Literally just spotted these in morrisons."

Coated in milk chocolate, each biscuit contains around 75 calories - which is similar to a standard chocolate Digestive.

Until now, the McVities Digestive biscuit has only been available in milk, dark chocolate or plain versions.

Sainsbury's is selling a 433g pack of Milk Chocolate Digestives for £1.50, while Iceland sells a 498g packet of Dark Chocolate Digestives for £1.50.

Meanwhile, pineapple-flavoured Jaffa Cakes have recently been spotted at Morrisons and shoppers are loving them.