Many of us have been taking full advantage of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme since it launched earlier this month.

With meals reduced to half their price, diners have been rushing through the doors of our favourite restaurants the offer is held on Monday - Wednesdays.

And McDonald's stores offering dine-in services have been busy with customers getting their fix of discounted Maccies.

Shoppers have been largely happy with their half price food - despite having to eat inside to make the most of the offer.

But some people have noticed that some of their favourite food items haven't been included, as they've been absent due to a limited menu, reports the MEN.

Items like Chicken Legends and Double Quarter Pounders haven't been available on the half price offer up until now, as they were removed from the menu temporarily when the restaurant resumed service post-lockdown lifting.

But it's good news for Maccies fans, because after a short test earlier this month, McDonald's has confirmed that the following items will be returning to its menus from Thursday 13 August:

McDonald's says that the Apple Pie and Chicken Legend range have been among the most frequently requested ‘missing items’ from the menu.

While the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, which proved incredibly popular in August 2019, returns for the long-haul and benefits from the Government’s VAT reduction, available now for £4.29.

The full price list for the McDonald's menu after VAT price cuts is as follows:

Sugar Taxed Drinks: