Matty Peet insists he is confident Wigan Warriors can immediately compete for silverware in 2022: so long as everyone at the club buys into his vision.

Peet is faced with the sizeable task of not only hauling Wigan back into contention for major trophies next year after a disappointing 2021 but also winning around a fanbase that grew increasingly discontent with the Warriors' results and style of play this year.

But Peet, instead of simply saying he wanted to bring trophies to his hometown club as head coach, explained how he plans to do it.

"We're synonymous with winning trophies and we need to win the big games," he said. "That's something in the last two years we've not won enough of. I won't set an arbitrary target and say that's the only semblance of success.

"Yes, I know that's what I'll be gauged upon but my satisfaction will come from the environment we create. If you guys in the media were to walk in here in three months or six months time, I'd want you to think that it feels like a Wigan culture and a Wigan environment. A place where the players care for each other and look after each other.

"There'd be a high level of performance and high standards with the constant attitude of wanting to improve. If we get all that right, I'm pretty confident we will win some trophies."

Peet also acknowledged there is an onus on Wigan to deliver a better brand of attacking rugby under his leadership - but insisted he will not sacrifice a focus on defence as a result.

"You can't have one without the other," he said.

"Everyone wants their hands on the ball as a player. When you're a kid, the first thing you want to do is execute plays and score tries, but the best way of having a chance of doing that is through quality defending and turning the ball over in a good position.

"We all want to score points, and we need to improve the attacking side without a doubt. That will come with improved fundamentals and a better organisational structure, and that leads to more freedom. We're not putting the shackles on the players.

"But I think our fans understand that what we all really want is a team they can connect with. If it's winning games 4-0, but the fans can see everyone is connected and committed to the cause, I think they'd be happy with that."