A huge penis statue has been re-erected after it was knocked over by a stampede of cows. 

The 6.5 foot phallus had become a well-known monument, standing to attention on the top of the Grünten mountain near the German/Austrian border. 

It first appeared in mysterious circumstances five years ago and has since been adopted as the local ‘maypole’. It even got its own listing on Google Maps and has proven wildly popular on social media. 

Fans rallied around after hearing the penis had been trampled and they travelled to the top of the 5,700 feet peak to rescue the ailing sculpture. 



They worked together to lift it back upright so that it stands tall again in all its glory.

The enormous wooden penis was found on private land, a few hundred metres from the Grüntenhütte.

Former landlord Norbert Zeberle says how it came to be there five years ago is a mystery to him.

‘It suddenly appeared on the 1st of May. We were surprised, but immediately marketed it as our maypole,’ he said.

A local newspaper, however, managed to solve the mystery.

The Allgaeuer Zeitung revealed that the wooden sculpture was carved by a couple of youngsters in the nearby village of Rettenberg.

The youths then gave the giant penis as a hilarious birthday gift to a friend.

But to make sure their friend had an even bigger surprise, the cheeky friends decided to place it in his parent’s garden so that they would wake up to an almighty shock.

The birthday-boy’s father, however, was furious, and ordered his sons to get rid of the statue.

Rettenberg’s mayor Nikolaus Weissinger is aware of the penis statue but does not object to it.

‘It’s nice to be able to laugh about something like that in Corona times’ he said.

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