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Mass shooting in NYC leaves 10 people shot in ‘brazen targeted’ attack by ‘gang members who fled on mopeds’

A MASS shooting has left 10 people injured in a "brazen targeted attack" in New York City which saw the perpetrators flee on mopeds.

Two men strode up to a crowd outside a barbershop in Queens and opened fire sending eight men and two women to hospital, police said on Sunday.

Shocking footage from the scene shows as the two men - in masks and hooded sweatshirts - brandish their guns, firing a number of times.

They are closely followed by two more suspects on mopeds who drive along the sidewalk before taking the gunmen away from the scene.

The shooting took place just before 11pm on Saturday.

The victims, who range in age from 19 to 72, were all hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, according to police.

NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said the most seriously injured victim suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach.


Police said the two gunmen arrived at the scene on foot, but left by jumping on the backs of two mopeds driven by two other men.

All four were wearing hooded sweatshirts, police said.

Three of those shot were known members of the Trinitarios, a Dominican street gang, and were the intended targets, Essig said.

The remaining seven wounded were thought to be bystanders.

A party was in progress at a restaurant a few doors down from the barbershop at the time of the shooting, Essing added.


“This was a brazen, coordinated attack, for lack of a better word,” Essig said.

He added: "Two guys just stick their arms out, walk down a very crowded street at 10:30 at night, where there’s parties going on, restaurants going on, crowded streets.

"After they fire at least 37 shots — that we know of — they calmly get on the back of the scooters and take off. So very brazen, to say the least.

"There's just one common theme, I want to get out there, that's a recurring theme that keeps happening, and it has to stop throughout the city.

"That's gang members. That's guns, multiple guns on the scene, scooters being used, masks.

"And lastly, unintended targets getting hit. This is unacceptable on our streets in New York City, and it has to stop."


No one was in custody as of Sunday.

Gun violence is surging across the US at a devastating rate, with almost one thousand shootings recorded and 430 reportedly killed in one week.

The shootings occurred between July 17 and 23 and illustrate the shocking spike in gun violence the country is currently dealing with.

More than 20million guns were sold in the United States last year.

So far in 2021, there have been 24,000 gun fatalities recorded.

The number of gun deaths this year is expected to pass last year's more than 43,000, which was the highest number recorded in at least two decades.

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