What do an alien, blob, viking and a sausage have in common? They're all part of this year's perfectly bizarre Masked Singer UK line-up.

12 brand new masked celebrities are joining the second series of the show to show off their singing prowess and keep fans guessing.

The show proved a massive hit for ITV back in January and February, so it's no surprise to anyone that it's back with a bang.

Its second series will also see the return of panelists Davina McCall, Rita Ora and Jonathan Ross, who will be joined by Mo Gilligan after Ken Jeong was unable to return due to the pandemic.

Among the brand new line-up includes Dragon, who describes themselves as a "cutie", Bush Baby who is an "adorable looking cheeky fluffy fella" and a "rockin'" Robin.

Here's the full line-up fans can look forward to...


Are they battered, or will they just batter the competition? It's anyone's guess!

Wrapped up in newspaper, Sausage keen to be the talk of the town.

Yet who could have a connection to the good ol' fry-up? Or is the reference simply down to their chipper personality? Or a certain Mr Chips?


This sassy Alien is hoping to dazzle earthlings with out of this world performances.

With roped turquoise and emerald hair and a mirrored outfit, they'll certainly stand out from the crowd.

But will it be their intense amber eyes or their vocals which will entrance the audience?


Less fire-breathing Dragon, more cute rainbow-coloured lizard.

Complete with a multicoloured tummy and gold-painted nails, Dragon is described as a "cutie" certainly seems to love eye-catching details.

But is there a ferocious vocal talent beneath that sweet exterior?


Elegant and poised, Seahorse already exudes confidence with her on-point posing.

The beautiful marine creature is dressed head to toe in turquoise.

Is their costume a reference to their athletic capabilities? Or are they just hoping that their singing goes swimmingly?


Armed with a sword, shield and helmet, Viking is ready to take on this battle seriously.

With their head covering most of their body and gingery beard reaching down to their knees, are they possibly referencing their heritage?

Or do they just really like Vikings?


Out of all the characters you could pick, why would a celebrity choose a nondescript blob? Bored of the trappings of fame and keen to go back to simpler times?

Pieced together with - erm - blobs of pink and purple and a grinning toothy mouth, will they be able to win over the hearts of the public?

With four eyes as opposed to the traditional two, will all eyes be on them?


We've already had a queen win the show, but could the joker in the pack trump them all?

Complete with a masquerade ball-style gold and red mask and extreme structured gown, they're vying for everyone's attention.

Could their theatrical appearance have any relevance to their background?


Set to make a dramatic entrance, Swan's striking black and red appearance will turn heads.

Clues point to their confident 'swanning' into town - could they be part of a reality TV show?

Particularly considering the eluding to them potentially "ruffling feathers"...


Easily the most adorable character in the competition.

Described as a "cheeky fluffy fella", Bush Baby looks like he's just woken up in his bright yellow onesie.

But will his voice match his cute appearance?


Badger, badger, badger, mushroom - oops, wrong decade.

This badger looks keen to rock on in his leather motorcycle outfit and goggles.

With him referred to as wanting to "step out of his sett" and "stand out from the crowd", could he have previously been part of a band? Or is he still in one?


He's here to party, from his tight, golden glittery trousers to his matching gloves and red feathered chest.

Robin is rockin' his look, but he'll also be hoping to deliver some sweet harmonies.

Described as wanting to "show that he’s not just for Christmas", could he have already achieved a festive No. 1?


Speculation is already rife as to who is behind the clock face.

While he's referred to as the "original Tik Tok", some are suggesting that he could actually be a former Time Lord?

Joel Dommett is returning to host the show again as he helps the celeb panel out with their sleuthing.

The Masked Singer took the UK by storm in January this year as viewers delighted in working out who each of the characters through clues littered throughout and their singing voices.

Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts clinched the very first win after impressing the panel and viewers with her soaring vocals as Queen Bee.

Close runners-up were Hedgehog and Octopus, who were revealed to be Jason Manford and Katherine Jenkins, respectively.

After such a dismal 2020, it will be relief to hear those magical words - 'Who's behind the mask?!'

*The Masked Singer returns soon on ITV