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Married vicar poses as widowed golf instructor & sends x-rated texts to admirer on dating site

A MARRIED vicar posed as a widowed golf instructor on a dating site then sent an admirer explicit texts.

The Rev Charles Gorton, 59, is now being investigated by his Church of England bosses.

The dad of two was rumbled when a parishioner, whom we have identified only as Pauline, found his profile. That alerted Mr Gorton to a potential match.

He began sending messages, which included telling her he did not mind swinging or orgies and that he had been widowed for 24 years — despite being married to wife Jan.

He told Pauline: “You have taken my eye though and I suppose there are a few men who like you. I’ve been looking at your photos and you are gorgeous and I fancy you.”

As his attempts to woo Pauline heated up, he told her he thought some dating sites were “a bit tame”.

He said another explicit site was “more gutsy and sexier and can be quite explicit, which is what I like”.

He called Pauline “my pretty lady”, and said: “Now I am definitely horny. I think I’m going to do some self love.”

Mr Gorton then sent an X-rated snap with the comment: “Naughty, I know.”
And he also told of some of his other preferences. Mr Gorton said: “I don’t mind swinging or orgies but deep down I stick with one lady. If that lady wants to swing then I’m up for it but I don’t like sharing.”

And without revealing his true identity, he lied: “I have nothing to hide. What you see is what you get with me. I’m sending you some kisses and cuddles wishing I could snuggle against you.”

Pauline said: “I wasn’t keen on the church before, I’m even less keen now. He preaches about the sanctity of marriage while engaging in smutty chat on sordid sex sites as he pretends his loyal wife is dead. It’s staggering.

“There are vulnerable women who turn to the church. What are they going to get if they turn to him?”

Mr Gorton has served at St Luke’s Church, in Weaste, Salford, for more than ten years.

The Diocese of Manchester said it was “making enquiries to establish the veracity of the claims”.

A spokesman added: “The allegation is not safeguarding-related and we would ask that the privacy of all those affected is respected at this time.”

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