Married At First Sight’s final dinner party is on its way and it looks like it’s going to be explosive.

In a first look clip at tomorrow night’s episode, the remaining couples get together to reflect on their time during the experiment.

With the final decision on whether to stay together or not looming, it seems that some couples are on the verge of breaking down, while others are getting more serious than ever.

With the inclusion of that troublemaking honesty box, it looks like all bets are off with arguments almost guaranteed.

Morag is seen looking upset as she pulls a question from someone doubting her commitment to Luke, with someone asking: “Why wasn’t the old Luke good enough?”

Things are going to get explosive as the MAFS couples get together for their final dinner party of the series (



She is then seen breaking down in tears, admitting she was still struggling.

Meanwhile, Amy and Josh also look like they’re on the outs, despite seeming on the verge of declaring their love for each other on their final date on Monday.

Josh appears to tell the group that their relationship is sometimes “all about Ames” with Amy immediately responding by saying she was fuming.

Tayah and Adam reveal they're 'expecting' - but is it actually a baby or something else? (



Marilyse and Franky seem to be leaving their past rocky romance in the past, sharing a tender kiss at the dinner table.

But the biggest shock seems to come from Tayah and Adam - with the teaser seeing Tayah announcing they were “expecting” followed by shocked faces.

While it seems to be inferred that the couple, who have already spoken about kids, are announcing their pregnancy, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out the truth.

The latest episode comes after viewers were left disappointed that the show wasn’t available to watch live on All 4, as a technical issue continues to cause problems for some of the channel’s favourite programmes.

Over the weekend, an incident at the broadcasting centre meant all of Channel 4’s channels experienced outages, and the problem is still being rectified.

While live TV has seemingly returned to normal, the channel is still working on fixing their online output.

Are Franky and Marilyse going to be able to make it work? (



Ahead of tonight’s episode, E4 tweeted: “Tune into E4 at 9pm for the new episode of Married at First Sight UK. Ongoing technical issues mean that it unfortunately won’t be available on All 4. We know you all love #MAFSUK as much as we do, and are working to get back onto All 4 as soon as we can.

Channel 4 have added: “Following the incident at the weekend, All 4 is still experiencing some problems. We suggest that you watch your favourite programmes on television until further notice.”

Married At First Sight UK airs Mon to Thurs at 9pm on E4.

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