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Married at First Sight star Morag accused of FAKE crying as viewers claim she ‘didn’t shed a tear’

MARRIED at First Sight star Morag Crichton has been accused of FAKE crying on tonight's episode.

It was the final commitment ceremony tonight and the couples had the chance to openly discuss their relationship concerns with the experts.

The veterinary nurse dropped a bombshell saying that she didn't know if she was going to write ''stay' or 'leave'.

Luke told the experts that he's fallen in love with Luke, with Morag saying that she felt like the "luckiest girl in the world".

However, the blonde beauty admitted that she began to have fears that she would hurt Luke, because she doesn't feel the same way.

She explained: "I felt like he deserved better, he deserves someone to love him back in that moment.

"He shouldn't be waiting around for me to play catch-up."

Aussie expert Melanie Schilling asked Luke if Morag was the right woman for him.

Luke replied: "She's changed my life and if she were to just over this little threshold then 100 per cent yes."

But then an emotional Luke broke down, he admitted that he felt "guilty" being matched with Morag because he was not her "type".

Expert Paul Brunson then quizzed Morag on what life would be like without Luke.

"I would go back to my old ways that were quite destructive to myself. I let people treat me like s**t," she said

"I just didn't date nice guys, that was my problem."

The blonde beauty then became overwhelmed and was forced to wipe away her tears.

She continued: "And for me I don't have a man in my life anymore, I lost the biggest thing to me which was my dad."

But not all viewers were convinced with Morag's tears.

One wrote: "Morag really trying to squeeze those tears out though and the award for worst actress goes to #morag. #mafs"

Another wrote: "Mopping up Morag's crocodile tears. #mafs"

"I'm not sure if Morag is being genuine tonight...seems like she's faking those tears. #marriedatfirstsight"

The couple decided to fight for their marriage, with Morag telling the experts that she needs to "work on her own demons".

Married at First Sight returns tomorrow at 9pm on E4.

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