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Married At First Sight Australia viewers slam Sam as ‘a spineless coward’ after he ducks out of explosive finale

MARRIED At First Sight Australia viewers have slammed Sam as "a spineless coward" after he pulled out of appearing in the explosive finale.

As the experiment's participants reunited to look back at their time on the show, there was only one person missing.

Despite being a large presence at the dinner party the night before, Sam told the experts he was going to be a no-show.

John Aiken told the group: "Before we get started, I need to tell you that Sam has decided not to attend tonight."

As the cameras panned to Sam's exes Elizabeth and Ines, both looked frustrated by the news.

Ines started tutting before she was heard muttering: "Interesting."

Elizabeth claimed: "Can't be held accountable to things."

"Sam you are absolutely spineless," said one viewer.

Another said: "Sam deciding not to turn up just proves what a weasel he is."

Someone else added: "Surprised that Sam is a no-show as he seems to revel in it "being all about him" @ the last dinner party. The only thing that was fed that night was his deluded ego."

A fan added: "Sam the coward not turned up to face the music."

Another agreed: "Sam is such a coward not showing up."

Someone else said: "Unfortunately Sam has declined to make himself accountable tonight."

On Friday night, viewers were furious when Sam called his ex Elizabeth a "dementor" after she snubbed him at the dinner party.

On the E4 series, outraged fans watched as the shameless 26-year-old made the nasty comment behind her back.

Lizzie chose not to talk to her ex-husband after he had an affair will fellow bride Ines.

But instead of reaching out to her at last night's reunion, smug Sam chose to call her names.

Speaking to the camera he said: "Seeing Elizabeth walk in that room tonight was… frightening."

Talking about her manicured nails he said: "Look at the claws. I'm getting intimidated."

Sam went on: "It's like one of those dementors out of Harry Potter entering, just sucking the life out of me."

"I'm trying to just stay out of it, but I'm sure I'll get sucked in somehow by the Dementor."

Sam calls ex Elizabeth a 'dementor' after she snubs him at dinner party on Married at First Sight Australia

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