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Marnie Simpson recalls traumatic labour with baby son and says people need to talk more about after effects


MARNIE Simpson recalled her traumatic labour with her baby son Rox in her latest podcast.

The Geordie OG star, 28, spoke candidly about how she felt overwhelmed and scared after arriving home from the hospital with the tot in October last year.

Marnie, who welcomed Rox with her fiancé Casey Johnson, said she wanted to urge more women to talk about the affect effects of labour.

Speaking on the latest episode of Marnie’s Home Truths, she said: “You just aren’t prepared for that emotional rollercoaster after you’ve given birth.

“You are like what do I do? No one talks about it enough. It’s hard.

“Your body has just been though a trauma. The emotions you go through are very overwhelming. It’s scary. Plus you’re sore you can’t sit down.”

Marnie has also opened up about what she’d discovered about herself since becoming a mum

She added: “The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is to have patience. You have to when you’re a mum. My priorities have changed since I became a mum.

“For me how I looked or how much I weighed or getting surgery was a priority. Obviously I still want to look good but it isn’t as much of a priority now.

“Having a baby teaches you what true love is. No one tells you that before you have a baby.

“It’s physically a part of you.

“So when they aren’t there you feel like you have lost a part of you.”

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