Want something delicious to eat this weekend with family and friends? Maybe just a mid-week treat? Well nothing sets the weekend off to a great start like a fish and chips for dinner. Thankfully Marks and Spencer have everything you need for a chippy tea, all under one roof.

The high street supermarket has relaunched their coated fish offering and even added some ‘Scraps’ which have become infamous thanks to social media. They also now sell Battered Scallops, Mushy Peas, Curry Sauce, Wholetail Langoustine Scampi and much more. It’s your classic fish and chips, but not as you know it.

To find your nearest M&S, we’ve popped the store locator here. You’ll also find opening and closing time information listed there as well.

It’s renowned to be the UK’s favourite takeaway and a traditional Friday night suppers, with 1 in 5 Brits enjoying fish and chips once a week. Naturally M&S thought it was time for something a bit more than just your bog-standard chipshop dinner. M&S has taken the humble chippy and dialled it up a notch; catering for both the classics we know and love as well as mixing in some unexpected seafood specials.

Not only did they cause a stir with their recent Chip Shop Scraps, but they’re also the first to bring Wholetail Langoustine Scampi and Battered Scallops to UK shoppers, shaking up that Friday night fish tea and sprinkling some M&S magic on it. Best of all, you can find all your chip shop essentials together in the chiller aisle to ensure your next shopping trip happens with ease.

Product Developer at M&S Eleanor Mckie said; “We’ve taken the classic chip shop menu and blended those favourite accompaniments and dishes with something new and exciting customers might not have tried before. So if you fancy a chippy tea with a difference, maybe pop a portion of Battered Scallops or Haddock Kiev in the basket tonight.”

So what can you expect in the range? Well we’ve listed everything you can pick up on your next trip to Marks and Spencer for your chippy tea in the comfort of your own home.

M&S Fish and Chips range:

Chip Shop Curry Sauce, £1.20 (150g)

A mild curry sauce which is rich in flavour and still thick enough to give your chips a good coating. Made from a mixture of spices, chicken stock and soy sauce for a rounded umami flavour.

Chip Shop Mushy Peas, £1.20 (150g)

Traditional mushy peas made from marrowfat peas which are simply seasoned with salt & pepper, just like you’d get in a chip shop.

Chip Shop Scraps, £1 (50g)

These light crispy nuggets of batter can be sprinkled on anything and are also suitable for vegetarians. Whatever you call them, they’re delicious.

Cook With Tartare Sauce, £1 (100g)

Chunky classic tartare sauce made with gherkins and capers perfect for dunking.

Wholetail Langoustine Scampi, £6.50

These are the biggest most succulent scampi around, most scampi is made up of smaller pieces of langoustine tails (even though they are called wholetail!) whereas ours really are whole tails which makes them so delicious, sweet and plump. Coated in a crispy crumb, we recommend a wedge of lemon and a pot of our Cook With Tartare Sauce.

Battered scallops, £6.50

Super sweet and meaty scallops coated in a light batter. delicious and moreish, we recommend dipping into our Cook With Garlic Mayonnaise for a real treat.

Fragrant and Fresh Lightly Dusted Sea Bass Fillets, £5

Two seriously tasty fillets, lightly dusted in seasoned flour & topped with a zesty lemon & cracked black pepper butter.

These 100% responsibly sourced sea bass fillets are perfect for pan frying, simply add the lemon and herb butter to the pan to give a fresh zesty finish which fits perfectly with the crisp coating and succulent fish.

Beautifully Crispy Beer Battered Cod Fillets, £5

Two chunky cod fillets in a light and crispy batter made with our Amarillo Golden Ale. 100% responsibly sourced and perfect with chunky chips and sprinkle of salt & vinegar.

M&S have created a unique batter uses a blend of flours which are then mixed with our selected ale straight from the keg to give a crisp, melt in the mouth batter.

Haddock Kiev, £5

Just when you thought our kiev heritage couldn’t get anymore Two succulent haddock fillets, sealed together with an oozing creamy wild garlic butter, inside a crispy golden crumb. Made from 100% responsibly sourced fish from Iceland.

As for party food, Marks and Spencer recently launched Battered Mini Sausages Chip Shop Style for £5. These are a bite sized chippy favourite - the battered sausage, complete with curry sauce for dipping. The ultimate festive snack, wouldn’t you say?