Mark Williams has apologised to fans after admitting he fell asleep in his chair during a surprise defeat to Anthony Hamilton in the second round of the UK Championship in York.

The three-time world champion appeared to doze off in front of the cameras midway through the contest, admitting after the loss that he was still feeling the affects of contracting Covid-19.

Williams missed two tournaments after contracting the virus in October, and admitted he still wasn't firing on all cylinders, taking to Twitter to apologise.

Speaking after the match, which he eventually lost 6-5, he said: "Thirty years as a professional, that's the first time I've ever fell asleep in the chair.

"It was 3-2 and I was out. My head went down and I woke up and I didn't have a clue where I was for about five seconds.

"It was a bit embarrassing but I was just shattered.

"I need to be playing in the mornings really, or afternoons. The more the day goes on the more tired I get.

"It's disappointing but there's a lot worse people that have had Covid than I've had it, so I'm one of the lucky ones really.

Mark Williams fell asleep during his second round clash with Anthony Hamilton at the UK Championship in York

"It's definitely better than what it was a couple of weeks ago so I've just got to keep going, but if I play night matches I'm going to really struggle."

After trailing 4-2 to the Welshman, Hamilton came roaring back to win three consecutive frames, before Williams levelled at 5-5.

A huge slice of good fortune on a red then helped Hamilton ease to a match-winning break of 70 in the deciding frame.

"I've had enough flukes in my time, so you've got to take one the other way now and again," Williams added.