Deontay Wilder's former coach Mark Breland has responded to Floyd Mayweather after the ring legend took a dig at the Bronze Bomber for sacking him.

Wilder parted ways with Breland after his loss to Fury last February. He branded Breland as "disloyal" after the trainer threw in the towel to end the fight in the seventh round.

The American partnered with Malik Scott after the loss, a former opponent who Wilder knocked out in 2014.

Mayweather urged fans to follow the "humble student, teacher, mentor, and coach" Breland just a week after Wilder's loss to Fury.

He also seemingly took a jab at Scott by stating many "unqualified people" claim to be boxing trainers.

Deontay Wilder with former coach Mark Breland (



And Breland has praised Mayweather's dedication to boxing in a lengthy reply to his post.

He wrote on Instagram : "So I have never gotten to know this Man [Mayweather] on a personal level. I’ve had more than a few conversations with his uncle Roger & a couple with his father.

"So from only knowing Floyd Mayweather from his showmanship personality you only THINK you know a little about him! Getting to know him on a more personal level..I’ll say this, his Ring IQ is only a quarter of his business IQ, and that’s impressive!

"He changed the entire game & any boxer that don’t appreciate what he’s done/doing for the culture, and his dedication to the sport got a personal problem with themselves."

Scott slammed Mayweather for the post and claimed Breland had previously labelled the five-weight world champion as an "overrated loudmouth".

Wilder was handed a six-month medical suspension by the Nevada Commission after his loss and will need surgery after breaking his hand in the trilogy.

His co-manager Shelly Finkel expects him to return in the spring or summer of next year.

Breland posted a cryptic video of him shadowboxing in an empty ring just hours after Wilder's loss to Fury.

And Breland continued by stating Mayweather is a big reason boxers are now pocketing multi-million-pound paydays.

"You’ve got to Respect him just looking at fighters pay checks before him CHANGING THE GAME! My era & the ones before didn’t know we were the Prize & definitely didn’t know how to use our value to negotiate on OUR TERMS!," Breland said.

"No matter your personal feelings about him outside the ring, NUMBERS DON’T LIE..look back at the age he was when he BEAT some of the P4P greats..

"I appreciate his post & it would only be someone like him to not care who liked his post or not, cause he cannot & will not be controlled."

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