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Mariah Carey’s brother sues singer for emotional distress over memoir one month after sister files separate lawsuit

MARIAH Carey's brother has sued the singer for emotional distress over her memoir.

The family drama comes one month after Mariah's sister filed a separate lawsuit.

Following the release of the singer's memoir, The Meaning Of Mariah Carey, Morgan Carey claimed the book falsely suggested he was violent.

BBC reported that Morgan is suing his famous sister for defamation and emotional distress caused by the memoir.

Morgan is seeking unspecified damages as a result that he has suffered "extreme mental anguish" and "serious damage to his reputation," according to his legal case.

The lawsuit comes one month after the 51-year-old singer's estranged sister, Alison Carey, sued her for $1.25 million.

TMZ first reported that Alison claimed she suffered emotional distress after Mariah accused her of abuse in the memoir.

According to a summons in New York court obtained by The Sun, Alison planned to sue the music superstar for at least $1.25 million.

In the court documents, Alison denied the superstar's allegations she gave her Valium, tried to pimp her out and threw a cup of boiling hot tea on her when the singer was 12.

Alison claimed she was "humiliated and embarrassed" by the "outrageous" accusations, which eventually made headlines and brought attention to her.

The court papers also claim Alison currently suffers from PTSD, anxiety and depression, while she also has a traumatic brain injury from an "unsolved home invasion" in 2015.

The lawsuit against Mariah is not the first time Alison has sued a family member.

She previously accused their mother of forcing satanic rituals and sexual activity upon her at a young age and sued her for the alleged sexual abuse in 2020.

Back in November of last year, The Sun exclusively reported Morgan's plans to sue Mariah.

He told The Sun that the memoir was "fabricated" and proves his estranged sister is on the cusp of a “breakdown."

The 60-year-old said he nursed Mariah through a breakdown in July 2001 when the star was hospitalized and Patricia was forced to call the police.

Mariah made claims in her book that Morgan agreed to kill someone for $30,000, but never went through with it.

But Morgan furiously denied the claims and said: “It’s heartbreaking to witness my little sister’s descent into this hatefully delusional revisionist rant because it is so reminiscent of her unhinged behavior during her first breakdown."

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