Emmerdale fans were stunned tonight when Mandy Dingle revealed her wedding gown choice.

Viewers saw Paul and Mandy reconcile in yesterday's episode.

For Mandy's birthday, Paul organised a family cycling trip with Vinny and Mandy to the HOP.

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But later, when an aggrieved Al approached, furious that Mandy splashed him with mud as she cycled past, Paul jumped to her defence leaving Mandy proud and emotional.

Back at home, Mandy said she was moved by Paul’s heartfelt defence of her, and admitted she needs him.

As they emerged from the bedroom, Mandy suggested they get married sooner rather than later.

Tonight, Mandy was discussing her upcoming wedding with Lydia.

She asked Lydia to be her bridesmaid but Lydia was uneasy, admitting her worry that none of the problems Mandy had with Paul previously have gone away.

But Mandy, wanting her big day, revealed her plan to purchase a leopard print wedding gown.

Fans were taken aback by her admission.

Traylor said: "Only Mandy would want a leopard print wedding dress."

Teena tweeted: "Of course Mandy wants a leopard print wedding dress.."

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Garry said: "Leopard print, haha on Mandy."

Shelly wrote: "Leopard print wedding dress, Mandy you’ve lost me there bub."

And Dion tweeted: "Did she say a leopard print wedding dress?"