A man driving a motorhome was stopped by police on the way to Devon and sent back to Birmingham for flouting coronavirus lockdown rules.

The officers said the driver’s actions were ‘not in the spirit of fighting the virus’ after they pulled him over on the Devon border.

Officers from the North Devon Roads Policing team have been patrolling all major rules in the county since Prime Minister Boris Johnson enforced strict measures to implore the general public to stay at home.

The tough new rules were brought in across the UK by Prime Minister Boris Johnson last Monday, stating you should only leave your home for absolutely essential reasons.

The reasons include if you can't work from home, essential shopping for food or medical supplies, local exercise once a day or a genuine medical reason.

On Thursday, a new law came into force allowing police to enforce those rules with on-the-spot fines or arrest and they can use reasonable force to ensure you comply with an order to disperse and go home.

Police have been checking vehicles

A Sergeant with the North Devon RPU tweeted: "Birmingham to North Devon is not in the spirit of fighting the Virus.

“The North Devon Roads Policing team are patrolling and will stop and ask why you are on the roads. This gentleman is now on his way back to the midlands! #Covid19#Police"

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Coronavirus outbreak

Other officers said: "Words fail."

Others took to social media to express their shock at the tourist's bold move to get away from Birmingham - one of the areas in the UK with the highest number of Covid-19 infections.

One wrote: "Must come from a different planet or something, cloud cuckoo land."